UUX0102UEF AC-1000 Terror
AC-1000 Terror Experimental Assault Plane
Uef icon experimental generic Experimental Assault Plane
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
470 2500 110
Experience 1500
11350 (+29/sec)
Speed 3 to 10 (Air)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 45
Radar: 65
Research Info
5 Research32
12 Research32
Unlocked By Broadsword
Weapon: Hells Fury Riot Gun
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 42
Projectile  Damage
Rate of Fire
6 Projectiles/s
Range 40
Weapon: Hells Fury Riot Gun x 2
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 170
Projectile  Damage
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles/s
Range 40
Weapon: Gauss Cannon
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 133
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 2 seconds
Range 40
Weapon: Air Crash
Damage radius

The AC-1000 Terror Experimental Assault Plane is a UEF minor experimental unit. It is a large gunship, inspired by the U.S. AC-130 "Spectre/Spooky". It is armed with 3 heavy gunship weapons, along with a larger cannon launching explosive shells. Like the aircraft it was inspired by, most of its weapons are mounted on one side, meaning it engages its targets by circling around them in a clockwise manner. It has far longer range than many anti-air units with a near unmatched firepower ground or air.


  • The AC-1000 is an extremely powerful weapon for its research cost. It can be used with only 2 prior upgrades and is one of the easiest experimentals to get out early game. Rush an un-upgraded enemy ACU early game with 2-3 for complete destruction.
  • The AC-1000 is designed for ground assaults. For air units, it can engage gunships only.
  • It's very cost effective over regular gunships, and can deal heavy damage to experimentals if used properly.
  • It can shell air defenses if micromanaged to stay out of range. This is difficult, however, as the default behavior is to circle target, which often brings it inside range of AA.
  • The AC-1000 is a powerful unit but is best used in numbers and should not be left on the frontline as it will get destroyed if you do not have air defense around it. Don't charge into defended bases as the AC-1000 has the least amount of health of all air experimental units but is great at damage, range and it's main gun has explosive damage, which shreds air experimentals.
  • If the enemy sees the AC-1000 they will try almost everything to kill it so keep it in a safe place.
  • The AC-1000 can engage other gunships and transports.
  • The AC-1000, like the traditional gunship, is extremely effective against ground units. One or more AC-1000s will destroy large numbers of standard ground units, or deal heavy damage to all but the heaviest experimentals. In particular, because many experimentals cannot target aircraft the AC-1000 is an excellent counter to assault block type experimentals like the Illuminate Urchinow or megabots such as the Cybran Megalith
  • An enemy ACU makes an excellent target for the AC-1000. Without upgrades ACUs cannot even target the gunship, much less fight it effectively. A medium cluster of AC-1000s can charge into an enemy base after the enemy ACU and destroy it even if faced with heavy anti-aircraft fire.
  • AC-1000s make excellent base defense. AC-1000's patrolling your frontline will make it very difficult for enemies to attack your base with land units, and for additional benefit, use upgraded Energy Generators to heal it as it defends.
  • Use caution when assaulting a base with AC-1000s because even light/moderate Anti-Air can rip them apart. (5 or so Anti-Air guns spread out across a decent distance can destroy 4 AC-1000s)
  • The AC-1000 is not advised to use against heavy navy units unless you send 3 or 4 since the navy units have decent ani air. Except Poseidon's and executioner class. Be wary of using them against executioner classes due to their large health pool.
  • Because it is a gunship and not a "Plane" as the description says it can be attacked by other gunships and it also cannot engage other "planes". Therefore make sure you have a moderate force of "ASFs" assisting it.
  • Once more than 10 gunships have been produced they can be ordered as a single group to form a gunship snake, this gunship snake is extremely powerful and will easily destroy ANY land experimental quickly and efficiently. The gunship snake is one of the most effective defences against experimental's and is one of the greatest uses of UEF air.
  • If you ctrl click, you can keep your AC-1000s merged in one place, this can be useful when trying to keep clear of AA and also stops them "circling" around the target - again, you can stay out of range of AA

Additional tips: Command the AC-1000's together in a single area and keep them together. You can manually aim at the ground to destroy other gunships, and fighters however it is not very effective. Hunkering them together means anti-air is trying to hit them all at once which further multiplies their survivability and can shell soul rippers dead instantly if you get 25+ and outrange all other air experimentals. Use the advantage.

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