UUM0001UEF Escape Pod
Uef acuhead
Uef icon commander generic ACU Control Center
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
0 0 20
Mass Production
Energy Production
Mass32 +5/s
Energy32 +15/s
Experience 7500
15000 (+24/sec)
Speed 3 to 8 (Air)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 26
Weapon: Death Nuke
Inner Damage
Inner radius
Outer Damage
Outer Radiation
Outer Radius
10x200 over 10s

The ACU Control Center/Escape Pod is a researchable upgrade for the ACU, available to all factions with their own versions of the actual unit, based off of the command center, or "head" of the Armored Command Unit

When the ACU gets into a difficult situation and faces destruction, it is possible to detach the top portion of the ACU from the rest of the unit, and escape. The torso of the ACU is destroyed without explosion, collapsing on the ground, leaving a reclaimable wreck behind. When the top portion is detached, it has the ability to go nuclear if the Core Dump ability has not been researched, which some commanders may used as a free nuclear explosion, explained in more detail below in this article.

The Escape Pod is unarmed, can fly faster than gunships but slower than fighters & fighter/bombers, and it's only purpose is to rebuild body of the ACU at the cost of 1500 Mass and 7500 Energy. It takes exactly three minutes to time to rebuild your ACU. The escape pod is classified as an air unit, so anti-air units will attack it. It is also worth noting that ALL air units can fire at the Escape Pod, including gunships, the AC1000 and the Soul Ripper II. Meaning this method of escape is only effective when fleeing from ground based units with only direct fire capabilities or bombers.

Some commanders use this as a last ditch attempt to harm their enemy and they have not researched core dump, they will send this into the enemy base or army as a nuclear attack, ignoring nuclear defenses, but in an Assassination match, it is completely useless as it will cost a commander the match, leaving it to have better success in Supremacy or battles when multiple commanders are on the same side are involved in the conflict.