UIX0103Illuminate Airnomo
Aeon airnomo
Illuminate icon experimental generic Experimental Air Defense
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
620 2815 115
Experience 1500
13000 (+36/sec)
Speed -2.4 to 2.4 (Land)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 46
Research Info
7 Research32
15 Research32
Unlocked By Sonic pules Battery Aint-Air
Weapon: Electron Autocannon x 6
Anti Air - Projectile
DPS 120
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles
3 salvos/s
Range 45
Weapon: Disintegrator Pulse Laser x 4
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 120
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
2 Projectiles
2 salvos/s
Range 32

The Airnomo Experimental Air Defense is an Illuminate minor experimental land unit, which is designed to provide effective anti-air defense. It's equipped with 6 top-mounted heavy Anti-Air cannons, as well as 4 light gatling direct-fire cannons.

All of the Airnomos weapons have a MuzzleSalvoSize = 1 and ProjectilesPerOnFire = 1. This means that each of it's 10 weapons only fire one projectile each, not two as listed in the unit box. The damage numbers per hit are correct, but the dps numbers are actually half of what the unitbox says they are.

60 dps from each of 6 antiair weapons = 360 antiair dps with a range of 45. Illuminate AA turrets have 180 dps and 66 range. Two turrets would be cheaper and faster to produce and would provide the same dps over a larger area.

60 dps from each of 4 direct fire weapons = 240 DF dps.


  • While the Airnomo is very strong against air units, its slow speed makes it impossible to intercept any air unit or chase after them if they disengage. Therefore it is more useful to think of it as an area denial weapon, preventing your enemy's air units from approaching key targets. However, if the space temple is used. it can move about a very large area VERY quickly meaning it attack the air force on its way there, then warp back to base, then if they try to retreat jump into their flight path doing heavy damage.
  • Like Urchinows in comparison to Point Defenses, it is a cheap alternative to Anti-Air Towers in the later game. However, the cost efficiency in this case is much more exaggerated in favour of the Airnomo, costing less mass than 3 AA towers with firepower equal to 4 towers, greater health and the massive advantage of actually being able to move.
  • It has slow movement speed, and should be escorted by 10-20 direct fire ground units if being used outside of your base or 1 or 2 Urchinows to compliment each other.
  • Do not try to mount a land attack with these as the primary weapon; it's cannons are ineffective against anything close to an army. if paired with the Urchinows it can carve through just about anything with its high rate of fire and the Urchinows damage.
  • Its ground attack weapons are mounted in such a way that two guns may only fire in the fron 180 degrees whilst the other two may only fire the backward 180 degrees. It is unlikely to be able to fire all of its ground weapons at once unless it's being overrun and about to die or standing perpendicular to the enemy.
  • This is one of only 4 Illuminate land units that lacks the ability to hover. Space temples can be used effectively to move these into distant combat zones.
  • Use 2 Airnomo with a Universal Colossus to make an land force all but immune to standard air and land units. Long range weapons still present a problem given the slow movement speed of these experimentals. the space temple removes this problem though.
  • While in base assign an Engineer to heal it during and after air attacks.
  • Airnomo's can't take many hits, but if you teleport them in the right sections of the enemy base you can cripple any air forces that are gathering and do some major damage to ground buildings as it doesn't focus on only one target like the Fatboy II.
  • The Airnomo is good at hitting even the fastest air units, such as Wasps, because of the speed on the Anti-Air cannon's projectiles.
  • An Airnomo is insufficient against Soul Rippers because they deal more damage and can disengage at will.


  • It's name is an abbreviation of "Air No More" - a direct hint to its anti-air skills.
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