This map returns from SC1 to reappear in SC2, this map is labeled as an FFA, but can be played as a fair 2V2 and a fair 1v1

SC1 and SC2 comparison: If you get the chance please replace with an HD image (I will later

Arctic Refuge preview

As seen is SC1

2016-05-05 1148

As seen in SC2

  • On this map there are 4 mass points at mid, these are worth taking and reinforcing if you get the chance, otherwise send MML (mobile missile launchers) at the mass points until they die. If the opponent builds it again, do the same.
  • This map is not particularly massive, being a relatively small size allowing for rushes.
  • In a 1v1 attacking around the sides can confuse an enemy, and even lead them info defending on 3 fronts, less experienced players will move all their units to kill one group and let the other 2 wipe their base :D

Link to a competitive 2v2 on this map: I shouldn't even need to claim this, but I don't own the video and I am not copying it, just linking you to it's source, the maker will get his YT views yada yada...