Assisting, a core feature of Supreme Commander, is almost non-present in Supreme Commander 2.
Hud assist

In the first Supreme Commander, Engineers (or ACUs or even SACUs) could assist one another in construction. The production speed would increase based on a direct proportion of the number of assisting units.

In Supreme Commander 2, it is not possible to assist during construction. For example, if you had 10 Engineers, it would require a single engineer to finish construction. This change has prompted more detailed (and simultaneous) management of building and construction.

The ACU can build twice as fast as an Engineer. It is recommended that you utilise building with your ACU, especially experimental units for efficiency.

However, assisting has not been completely deprecated. It is still possible to assist the production of units from factories. Any number of Engineers are able to assist a factory, however each additional Engineer, adds a diminishing effect. The (empirical) formula is simply that each additional Engineer adds 0.33^n production, where n is the number of the Engineer. The table below outlines the preliminary effect of multiple, assisting Engineers during production.

Number of Engineer Individual Gain Stacked Gain
0 - 100%
1 33% 133%
2 11% 144%
3 3.7% 148%
4 1.2% 149%
0% 150%

The growth follows the generic geometric series rule.

The resulting values after the third Engineer, proves to have minimal benefit and possibly negligible. Using a single Engineer to assist production is the most cost effective and recommended for faster veterancy rates. Utilising a second and third Engineer to assist production is not cost effective, and should not be used, except on a Gantry, were there is less concern with cost/production rate.

The ACU generally produces twice as fast as an engineer, but the exact numbers in relation to unit production are currently unknown.

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