UIL0202Illuminate Bodaboom
Illuminate Bodaboom
Illuminate icon land shield Armor Booster
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
58 150 17
Experience 250
500 (+1/sec)
Speed 0 to 3.8 (Hover)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Research Info
4 Research32
7 Research32
Unlocked By Build Time
Unlocks Veterancy Rate

The Bodaboom Mobile Armor Booster is an Illuminate hover defense unit. It provides 30% more health and gives a +200% Regeneration bonus to all units close enough to it. This stacks additively with other regeneration bonuses.


  • The Bodaboom possesses no firepower of its own, much like the P-Shield.
  • The Bodaboom's bonuses also apply to structures. Stick one among a cluster of PD and/or AA towers to improve their HP and health regeneration.
  • While the Bodaboom provides comparable health boosts to the mobile shield generators of other factions, it's bonuses do not stack. Thus, one should never add more than 5 to 10 (depending on army size) to your unit mix. Any more will simply increase the longevity of the health boost.
  • Unlike shield generators, these units provide a non-renewable bonus. They have no damage blocking function.
  • The combined effects of many armour boosters can create large amounts of framerate drop when observed, this serves no real purpose other than to annoy your opponent.
  • Don't forget that airborne units can also benefit from the Bodaboom. Whilst this is seldom useful in battle, it can be useful to more rapidly regenerate aircraft that are damaged without using an Engineer to perform repairs.
  • Whilst it may appear that the P-shield is superior due to actually preventing damage, the bodaboom can raise the hitpoints of nearby units to a culmulative amount much greater than a P-Shield or Adaptor can provide. Add this to the very tough shields illuminate land units have access to and you have a highly durable army.
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