UCX0103Cybran Bomb Bouncer
Bomb Bouncer Experimental Reflector Shield
Cybran icon experimental generic Experimental Reflector Shield
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
475 2375 115
Experience 1500
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
26500 (+71/sec)
12000 (+80/sec)
20 Time32(+600/sec)
Speed 0 to 3.1 (Land)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 20
Research Info
7 Research32
20 Research32
Unlocked By Nanoshield
Weapon: Mega Blast
Damage radius
The Bomb Bouncer Experimental Reflector Shield is a Cybran minor experimental unit. It projects a shield over nearby units which reflects most indirect-fire and air based weaponry to charge a large AOE weapon that targets units in the vicinity. This AOE weapon can also be charged with energy from your economy and does not affect allied units.


  • This AOE weapon is extremly effective early on and in mid-game situations, since it destroys all land and air units with a single hit. It is only later on when the enemy upgrades their units with shields and HP upgrades that they will survive a single hit from the Bomb Bouncer`s AOE weapon.
  • If used in a pair, two bomb bouncers can retain their effectiveness against regular units (particularly aircraft) through even the longest games. Two shots of the Bomb Bouncer`s weapon can destroy almost any regular unit nearby, and considering the stacking capability of aircraft (particularly gunships, which will often crowd around a single target) the weapon will likely obliterate large numbers of targets.
  • The Bomb Bouncer`s shield is particularly good in a supporting role. Its shield will readily halt artillery fire, making it feasible to field a large ground force on the offensive against an artillery defender. In particular, the bomb bouncer works well in conjunction with the Megalith II by defending it primarily against the threats it cannot readily engage.
  • 2 or more of these are extremely effective at countering multiple Soul Ripper IIs or AC-1000s, keep this in mind if your opponent is massing experimental gunships, as a steady number of Bomb Bouncers can defeat a great number of units in close proximity. However, its shield doesn't protect against the Darkenoid main weapon.
  • Unsurprisingly, this experimental shield generator is very effective as a base defense. Its shield, while only protecting against artillery and air, can soak 50% more damage then a shield generator and comes back online in half the time. Furthermore, it renders AA somewhat redundant (so long as you retain sufficient situational awareness to use the overcharge effectively).
  • Bomb Bouncers can also be used to rush defensive structures, it can easilly run into a base, charged and ready, activate it's AOE weapon, and decimate the defensive structures/units. even after firing off it's charge, it can simply run around until the manual charge is ready and blast again. Against massive light artillery fortifications, this is extremely effective as you can simply walk it in and fire it's decimating AOE weapon a few times to level it, then retreat and move in with other forces.

If supported by adaptors, the fatboys dreaded long rang bombardment becomes nothing more than a firework display. The light shields go down in one hit but the adaptor is safe, so when the bomb bouncer is about to fail, the adaptors save it.

Due to the height of the Universal Colossus's weapons, they can be blocked by the bomb bouncer at close quarters.

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