UCL0102Cybran Brackman
Cybran icon bot artillery Artillery
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
50 115 21
Experience 200
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
800 (+2/sec)
80 (+1/sec)
10 Time32(+8/sec)
Speed 0 to 2.8 (Land)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 22
Weapon: Proton Artillery
Artillery - Projectile
DPS 50
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Reload time 5 seconds
Range (min - max) 5 - 32
Weapon: Power Detonate
Damage radius

The Brackman Artillery is a Cybran mobile land unit. It is also an indirect-fire unit.


  • The Brackman, like most land artillery, is a powerful and effective weapon against enemy ground units, especially facing masses of lighter foes. Its shells have significant damage and area of effect, and can be fired while moving, making this an excellent choice for micromanagement against enemy tanks or assault bots.
  • The Brackman is also the only mobile artillery unit available without research. Use this to your advantage and use it to dominate early battles, and advance to wreck the remaining base.
  • Unlike larger artillery units it lacks the range to efficiently bombard an enemy base from outside defensive lines: most defenders will reach this unit as it closes to firing range. If you wish to attack bases research and utilize the Cobra instead.
  • Supplemented by Adaptors for anti-air support Brackmans make superior ground combatants until powerful experimentals supplant their dominance.
  • Unlike the Demolisher, the Brackman is available to build without requiring research to unlock, making it valuable against early game rushes where you need an area of effect weapon quickly.
  • The Brackman is unable to defend itself from enemy air units, as it is mainly used for artillery. It is possible to use other units, such as the Adaptor, or the Bomb Bouncer to counter this weakness.
  • The projectiles fired by the Brackman DO NOT HOME, they track their target and predict where it will be when the shell lands and thus an effective counter to this would be to move your units at 45 degrees off where you want to go, (up down left or right) until they fire, then point the units in a mirrored direction. To explain this better, if you want to move upwards (↑) if you just walk upwards then you will get hit by the arty. To prevent this wou can walk slightly to the left or right (← or →) resulting in a (↖ or ↗) direction. When you see the shell fired you should then switch the unit from (↖) to (↗), or vice versa. This works against less skilled opponets as more skilled opponents will ground fire at one point they know you will move and thus the brackmen will not auto predict your movement, rendering this trick useless.


  • The Brackman is named after the Cybran leader, Dr. Gustav Brackman & his "son" Ivan Brackman.
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