UUA0103UEF Broadsword
Uef icon gunship directfire Gunship
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
75 175 27
Experience 225
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
1450 (+4/sec)
150 (+6/sec)
10 Time32(+15/sec)
Speed 3 to 6 (Air)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 16
Research Info
5 Research32
7 Research32
Unlocked By Veterancy Rate (UEF air research)
Unlocks AC-1000 Terror
Weapon: Hells Fury Riot Gun
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 66
Projectile  Damage
Reload time 1.7 seconds
Range 13
Weapon: Air Crash
Damage radius

The Broadsword Gunship is a UEF air unit. It is an anti-ground unit. It can also engage other gunships in a pinch. It is more expensive than the Eagle Eye, and it has a weaker weapon but more armor and does not do bombing runs, instead staying in one place. Like most air units that attack ground units, the Broadsword is more vulnerable to air units so is best when surrounded by Wasp Fighters.

Compared to the AC-1000 Terror Experimental Assault Plane Edit

In a sheer 1:1 resource damage ratio, the AC-1000 Terror is superior to the Broadsword. However, keeping in mind the reduced cost from veteran factories, or the reduced production cost of the Mega Fortress Experimental Mobile Factory or Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier, this may not be the case. Furthermore, the Broadsword takes advantage of upgrades like Build Cost, Health, Regeneration, Heavy Shield etc, that the AC-1000 Terror does not profit from.

The bottom line is:

  • If you are making a quick transition into air, then the AC-1000 Terror is a good bet.
  • If you have heavily invested in the air research, have veteran factories or a Mega Fortress, then you should stick to Broadswords.

In all cases, the best technique is to mix both. Have the AC-1000 Terror tank and soak up damage for the weaker Broadswords, while they deal heavier concentrated damage to target units.

Tips Edit

  • Gunships are a highly effective combatant against enemy ground units early on. Late-game almost any ground attack will include anti-air (Rock Head Tanks gain anti-air upgrades, Cybran players will bring Adaptors, and Illuminate groups include Urchinows or even Airnomos), but early on few players will dedicate resources to traditionally weak mobile anti-air units. Keeping this in mind means that even a few gunships can easily and effectively level almost any early ground force with their high damage output.
  • Gunships fly low enough to attack from inside enemy shields. Use their high attack power directly on the shield generators to quickly shut down enemy defenses.
  • Air to air units such as the Wasp Air Superiority Fighter will readily destroy Gunships, even in large numbers.
  • As gunships don't need to make sweeping passes to attack (unlike bombers) they make ideal units for attacking vulnerable parts of an enemy base without exposing themselves to air defences in other parts. Use their combination of power and precision to exploit minor weaknesses in an enemy base, particularly flanks and exposed mass extractors outside the range of emplaced anti-air.
  • Gunships pack a great deal of health and firepower for their cost, and can apply precision outside the scope of most other units. These traits make them incredibly effective against enemy ACUs when moving in groups. A medium-large number of gunships (typically fourteen or more) can usually destroy an enemy ACU even in the presence of anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Approximately eight or nine Broadswords can destroy an equally upgraded anti-air turret without suffering more than one casualty, none if upgraded with shields. Use this metric to limit losses to your air groups.
  • Gunships have the ability to shoot at other gunships, this also includes firing upon and taking fire from experimental gunships. Remember this if using gunship swarms against experimental gunships as they have extreme firepower that they can shoot back at you.
  • Its not a good idea to engage a soulripper with these, you will take it down with 75 + gunships but you will lose almost all of your broadswords...if you are fighting an AC-1000 with these you will probaly win with 35 + gunships...
  • Once UEF gets linked-railgun, broadswords lose some of thier edge. Once this upgrade is reserched you may want to build more and rely on them less. That said, in numbers they will still decemate tanks, and will have a better cost to damage ratio[linked railgun is when all units gain a antiair package,titans,tanks,misssile lanchers ect]