This is a collection of Chris Talyor 's quotes that he used to describe the changes of Supreme Commander 2. All these quotes are found in Supreme Commander wiki's.

  • "We found that when they hit Tech 3, players would take all of their obsolete units and throw them away like fodder. That's not strategic!"(commenting on the old tech system of Supreme Commander vanilla and FA)
  • "quad-core liquid-cooled whatever"(describing what kind of computer was required to play Supreme Commander)
  • "a little trace of incredible, dinosaur, fantastic, Seraphim DNA"(describing The Cybranosaurus.)
  • "I don't know what it is, but I think about The Beatles...we all live in a yellow submarine"(describing the new Illuminate transport)
  • "So, visually spectacular, but we have to do it while getting our performance requirements down. It's a conflicting set of goals."(Supreme Commander 2 Performance and Visuals interview)
  • "With our new economy model it's a real improvement if you played Supreme Commander and you find yourself getting stuck in that awkward situation where you need more resources but you can't because you don't have the resources and you kinda get snookered".(Demo interview at E3)
  • "Great for weddings, birthday parties, funerals..." (Describing the AC-1000 Terror)
  • "Don't forget to hug your mum and tell her you love her..." (Describing the Pullinsmash)