There are many research upgrades shared with multiple research trees in some form or another. Some are identical for all trees whilst others have the same name but affect different units with varying effects. Note that all of the following researches do not affect experimentals with the exception of training.

Training1 TrainingEdit

Found on every single research tree in the game and for the same costs. For all Land, Air and Naval units each rank improves the health and damage output of the unit by 10% additively. This is the same for structures but with an additional 3% build cost and time reduction as well. The ACU gains +25% damage and health per rank with the exception of the third rank, which increases the blast radius on the ACU's primary weapon. Unlike most other research, training is able to boost the statistics of experimental units of the correct type.

Training research costs 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 RP depending on the training level. Given this increasing cost it is generally preferable to only use the lower levels of training and focus on other abilities.

Vision VisionEdit

Increases the visual range of the specified units by a percentage of their normal range.

Radar RadarEdit

Boosts the radar range of the specified unit by a percentage.

Sonar SonarEdit

As with radar, only applying to sonar equipped units.

Health HealthEdit

Much like Training, health adds a specific percentage of extra health to the specified units. The extra health added is always calculated from the base health value for the unit.

Research Tree Upgrade Additional Health Affects RP to unlock Cumulative RP Unlocked By Unlocks
UEF Land Health I +10% All Land units excluding ACU and experimentals 3 6 Regeneration or Range Health II
UEF Land Health II +15% All Land units excluding ACU and experimentals 4 10 Health I Personal Shield
UEF Air Health +25% All Air units excluding experimentals 4 6 Veternacy Rate Personal Shield
UEF Naval Health I +15% All Naval units excluding experimentals 2 2 - Regeneration
UEF Naval Health II +25% All Naval units excluding experimentals 4 8 Regeneration Poseidon Battleship
UEF Structure Health +15% All Structures excluding experimentals 3 4 Build Cost Shield Generator
UEF ACU Health I +25% ACU only 2 2 - All other upgrades
UEF ACU Health II +50% ACU only 5 11 Hunker Anti Air
Cybran Land Health +20% All Land units excluding ACU and experimentals 3 5 Regeneration Repair Rate, Megalith II
Cybran Air Health +30% All Air units excluding experimentals 4 6 Regeneration Personal Shield
Cybran Naval Health +20% All Naval units excluding experimentals 3 6 Movement Speed Regeneration, Executioner Class Battleship
Cybran Structure Health +25% ACU only 4 6 Build Time Shield Generator
Cybran ACU Health +75% ACU only 5 9 Hunker Escape Pod 

Regeneration RegenerationEdit

Boosts the natural self-repair speed of the specified units by the specified percentage. This is typically a large amount such as +200%.

Personal Shield Personal ShieldEdit

Adds a personal shield to the specified units. The strength and rebuild times of these shields vary dependent on the individual unit possessing them.

Hunkericon HunkerEdit

Unlocks the hunker ability for the specified unit. See Hunker.

Damage1 DamageEdit

A straight up addition to the damage dealt by the specified units' weapon. Stacks additively with Training and other damage increases.

Weapon Range Weapon RangeEdit

Boosts the weapon range by a percentage, which can apply to several weapons at once if the specified units posses them.

Rate of fire Rate of FireEdit

Increases the number of shots fired in a given amount of time by a percentage. Note that this bonus stacks multiplicatively with damage bonuses since firing faster with a bigger gun reaps the benefits of both at the same time.

Anti-Air Anti-Air Edit

Attaches an anti-air weapon to the specified units. The properties of the weapon granted varies dependant on the unit affected, even if all of those anti-air weapons were unlocked in the same research.

Direct Fire Direct fireEdit

Adds a direct fire weapon to a specified unit which would not normally have such a weapon.

Movement speed Movement SpeedEdit

Increases the movement speed of the specified unit by a percentage.

Jump Jets Jump JetsEdit

See Jump Jets

Teleport TeleportEdit

Unlocks the teleporting ability for the specified units.

Build time Build TimeEdit

Reduces the time to build the specified units. Stacks additively with other build time reductions.

Build Cost Build CostEdit

Reduces the cost to commence building of the specified unit. Does not reduce the cost of units or buildings already underway. Stacks additively with other reductions.

Veterancy VeterancyEdit

Increases the number of experience points gained whenever the specified unit earns or assists in earning a kill. Not only does this increase the speed at which units gain ranks, but also the research points generated through combat involving the affected units.

Research Income Research IncomeEdit

Increases the rate at which research is generated by research stations. Does not affect research gained through combat.

Energy Income Energy incomeEdit

Boosts the amount of energy that either the Energy Generator or the ACU produces by a percentage, depending on the research tree used.

Mass Income Mass IncomeEdit

Boosts the amount of mass that either the Mass Extractor or the ACU produces by a percentage, depending on the research tree used.

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