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Cybran Nation

The Cybran Nation have the highest attack power out of the factions. The Cybran units are usually the most damaging but least armored, making them very hard to defeat when they are protected by an Adaptor shield. They also have some of the more multipurpose units, though the other factions match and defeat their versatility in some areas. The Cybrans also have the most versatile, but least specialized, Experimentals.

Dr. Gustaf Brackman's creations - "Symbionts" - served the Earth Empire unquestioningly up until the beginning of the Empire's downfall. They demanded recognition as their own people and sought independence. The Earth Empire responded with a "Loyalty" program, enslaving anyone with an AI implant. Dr. Brackman fled with his closest symbionts to the planet Procyon, creating the first node of the Cybran Nation. They vowed to fight for their freedom.

History after the 'symbiont'[]

The Earth Empire began to invade Procyon, in hopes of stopping any organised formation of symbionts. They set off the program again, but Dr. Brackman had already disabled the program in his fellow free symbionts. At first, the free symbionts, now known as Cybrans, employed guerilla tactics to deal with the imperial troops, but soon began fighting an all-out war with the Earth Empire. The imperial troops, regardless of any advice, began scorching the planet with bio-nuclear weapons, forcing the Cybrans to flee. But it had made its mark; Procyon, once a rough but life-filled world, now became a barren and desolate wasteland.

As the war against the Earth Empire rages on, Brackman orders many Nodes to do what they do best: hide. In the meantime, Brackman gathers his military commanders in a desperate bid to devise a strategy that will enable the Cybrans to defeat the Aeon and the Earth Empire. The group quickly comes to the realization, though, that the Cybrans will never be able to win such a campaign. So upon the 'discovery' of Black Sun by QAI (who had known all along that it existed) Brackman made a rush to capture it. This failed.

After the Infinite War, Cybran colonization and independence grew with the formation of the Coalition. The quantity of Cybran commanders is believed to have risen, with Dr. Brackman and his Node getting more sufficient training resources and the fact of not losing so many rookie commander in any kind of war, till the events of Supreme Commander 2. The Cybran Nation was believed to have been a very significant part of the Coalition before it crumbled, provided the other two factions with effective scientific technology updates, which would eventually lead to their disadvantage.

The Cybran Nation faction itself, boasts fear into any opponent it faces, with the appearance of its walkers, such as the Loyalist, Megalith II and Cybranosaurus Rex. They also like to show their scientific supremecy over the Illuminate and UEF with the flexiblilty in warfare, with their LEGS for their Naval Units and Jump Jet technology for their Land units.


Dr. Gustaf Brackman leads the Cybran Nation, as the metaphoric 'father' of the symbionts, with the Cybran Nations most powerful commander, currently being Dr. Brackmans exowomb son, Ivan Brackman.


Cybran forces boast the most multipurpose units of any faction, meaning that not many units are needed for armies, but they suffer from the fact that specialized units overpower multi-purpose units. The adaptor ADV takes the place of 3 other units for the other factions, allowing the Cybran commander to produce a more diverse force more rapidly. The LEGS upgrade allows the Cybrans to bring their ships inland; this can be devastating, as Cybran battleships have a range unmatched by any land unit save the much more expensive UEF Fatboy II. In no air games, Cybran walking ships are virtually unstoppable, as a land force has little to no capability to close distance.


Supreme Commander 2 Your Guide to Shields Part 2 Cybran Shields-1

The Cybran have somewhat good shield power. Their shields tend to have a 85% reduction when a projectile hits one of the shields. They are also able to effective stack shields to create the maximum effect. The Cybran shields suffer though with lower regen rate and health thus lowering its defences. Overall, Cybran shields are fairly good. If you want to learn more about this I suggest you watch this video.

The Cybran enjoy an early economic advantage in that they can research Energy-to-Mass Conversion early, but due to an update require a separate structure. This can allow them to get Megalith IIs out early; these experimentals are very effective in the early game due to the long range of their beam cannons. The Soul Ripper is also quite effective, especilly if the enemy has overspecialized on repelling group units. Cybran naval yards can be upgraded with mid-range artillery; this combined with the land walking ability of the Cybran navy can make forward naval bases a viable strategy.

Cybrans suffer in the late game due to their lack of high power upgrades and experimentals. The Kraken is of limited use due to its short range and restriction to the water, and the Cybranasaurus is likewise range limited. The only extremely effective late-game Cybran unit is the DLC Infinite War Pack I Monkeylord, which deals more DPS than any other unit in the game, experimental or otherwise. Of the three factions, Cybran units benefit the least from upgrades. Also, the Cybran do not get any versatile deployment structures, meaning that, even in the late game, they must use transports to move units towards far away targets. Although this can be countered with the Cybran's Jump Jet research for their basic land units, and the early research of the very formidible Giant Transport. Lastly, the Cybran protobrain complex is of limited utility; by the time it is aquired, most of the most useful upgrades have already been researched, and the protobrain is less valuable as an air unit than the Soul Ripper, though it does have the advantage of instant, free replacement. The Magnetron is useful in some situations but is range limited and micro-intensive. Also, using basic Cybran Land units as defences for your base is extremely difficult tactic requiring more units than it takes to attack a base, as Loyalist Assault bots suffer from their range and health and their lack of a tank, as opposed to a UEF Rockhead or an Illuminate Yenzoo.

While the Cybran lack any means of deployment on large maps, their speed and jump jets prove to be valuable on smaller other words, the Cybran is the best faction for rushing. The Cybran commander is also seen to be the most powerful ACU out of all three factions, with its Nanobot weapon and Overcharge uprgades, it can take on a formidable non-experimental land force, and prevail from the ashes. It has been spoken of as 'god-like', and when versing a fully upgraded UEF commander or Illuminate commander, will 7 times out of 10 defeat it, of course, when using micromanagement, since it lacks shields or artillery upgrades. 


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