UCX0115Cybran Proto-Brain Complex
Proto-Brain Complex Experimental Research Center
Cybran icon experimental generic Experimental Research Center
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
1000 3375 190
Research Production
Experience 4500
13500 (+48/sec)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 28
Research Info
10 Research32
27 Research32
Unlocked By Mass Conversion
Weapon: Death Weapon
Damage radius

The Cybran Proto-Brain Complex is an experimental research facility comprised of two components: the Complex and the Proto-Brain.


The Proto-Brain is produced as a result of the Complex. It mounts to the top of the Complex, and provides a boost to the research capabilities of the Complex. It is capable of detaching from the Complex, becoming an independent, mobile unit.

While detached, the Proto-Brain is capable of defending itself through utilising several ground-targeting beams. It additionally boosts the veterancy rates of units that are in the surrounding area during battle by four points. Note that this boost will actually increase the rate of experience acquired by your units, and hence also increase your research points.

Should the Proto-Brain be destroyed, it will reappear at the Proto-Brain complex (for free) and be ready to relaunch in about 20 seconds. This makes it ideal for harassing or distracting your enemies.

There is a glitch of which the Proto-Brain attacks several structures and retreats,sometimes the lasers never stop firing,even when on the Proto-Brain complex.This glitch can be fixed by ordering the Proto-Brain to attack another target.

Strategy & TipsEdit

  • The Complex provides a good way to gain an advantage of your opponent in the early stages of the game, especially when using a rush timer.
  • Two Complexes will quickly give you the research to unlock all the tech tree.
  • The Proto-Brain itself will take most incoming artillery, thus making the Complex relatively difficult to destroy in this manner.
  • The Proto-Brain does not cost any additional resources, and is replaced if destroyed, provided its associated Complex remains intact.
  • The Proto-Brain Complex is not allowed to be built in a no air match, even though it is possible to have the Complex without the Proto-Brain.
  • It is possible to destroy the Proto-Brain using a nuclear missile.
  • If used during battle, the extra experience may actually generate more research than a Brain docked in the Complex.
  • If you are going to use a massive force of Cybran air units to rush enemies, throw in a few Proto-brains to gain veterancy for the force faster and pad out the anti-ground firepower.

Trivia Edit

  • Although it is in a different faction, the Proto-brain complex appears to be a successor to the UEF Novax center from Forged Alliance.
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