This is a map for Supreme Commander. You can get this map by preordering the game through EB Games.

For the Xbox 360 version, this map comes with the purchase of the game.

Emerald Crater is a large 4 player map. it contains 5 hills witch act as points to build bases, with high ground. 4 of these hills act as the start points of the players, having the 5th hill in the center. Between the hills is a large expanse of flat lands.

This map appeared in SC1, here are the changes

Emerald Crater Senpai -3

As seen in SC1

Emerald Crater

As seen in SC2

On this map there are 4 mass points at mid, these can MASS-ively boost your economy (pun intended) however, the mass points at mid are spread apart so I would recommend grabbing the closest 1 or 2 and leaving it there.

  • This map is relatively large and plays well for longer games, you can build behind your base if you need the space (for gantries) and in front so that arty will reach the person opposite you.
  • Due to the size of this map, air can fend off land attacks, though it is recommended to build land as well.
  • Also due to the size of the map, research builds can work, unless one of the 2 people to your sides decides to rush you.
  • You can hide air units out of the crater, following the map around. This makes for a superb surprise attack!
  • If you zoom into the edge of the map and then hold space to rotate the camera view, you can see that emerald crater is actually in island!