In the Supreme Commander universe, Experimental Units are the most powerful units in the game. Each factions Experimentals show their technology and creativity on the battlefields, whether it's the ability to push enemy units away with the Cybran Magnetron Experimental Magnet, sucking in and crushing 2 units at once with an Illuminate Pulinsmash Experimental Unit Magnet or launching armies across a map with the UEF Noah Experimental Unit Cannon. There are two classes of Experimentals, Minor Experimentals and Major Experimental. The difference between the two is largely determined by the size and effectiveness of the experimental. Experimentals range from different aspects of a battle, not just for offensive capabilities like the Cybransaurus Rex or King Kryptor, but rather to set up a cunning strategy, such as using the advanced range of the Fatboy II Experimental Assault Vehicle, or the incredibly powerful fall damage of the Illuminate Darkenoid Experimental Saucer. Experimental units only benefit from Training researches, but usually the experimentals are so powerful on their own, that they don't need any. Their strength, size and effectiveness can be enough to tip the scale of a very aggressive and futile battle. It should also be noted that as with almost everything in supreme commander 2 it has been heavily down scaled from the original supreme commander and "gantry's" are now needed to build experimental units instead of building them with engineers. this means that your opponent can simply destroy the factory before it is finished and you have to rebuild the whole factory AND the unit so gantry's should be placed where it is safe and defended if necessary.

Use in Supreme Commander 2Edit

Like most other RTS games, the long term goal is to build up an economy with which building one of these units is possible. Depending on the unit in question they have the potential to change the outcome of even the most bleak of scenarios. It is this for this reason that they are the most valuable commodities in Supreme Commander 2.

It is however important to note the while they are powerful, they can be easily overwhelmed given the right circumstances.

UEF ExperimentalsEdit

The UEF is known for its brutal prowess, and shows it frequently on the battlefield by using advanced ways of old-school war tactics.

Fatboy II Experimental Assault VehicleEdit

The Fatboy II is a remake of the incredibly powerful original Fatboy from Supreme Commander 1. The design of the Fatboy has changed, now operating on 4 treads and losing its purpose as a mobile factory, and turning into a long-range offensive tank. The fatboy is primarily an assault unit. It has one of the longest ranges in the game, so put it behind your main force. Do note, it has more power and equal range to the UEF Poseidon Battleship, until the "Stacked Cannon" research upgrade for naval units.

AC-1000 Terror Experimental Assault PlaneEdit

This mighty gunship is inspired by the AC-130 Spectre used in modern warfare today. It slowly circles its enemies and possesses incredible fire-power, but has fairly low health and won't survive long against formidable Anti-Air defenses.

C-230 Star King Extreme Experimental Air Transport Edit

The Star King is the UEF main way of transporting its experimental units across the battlefield. This very large transport can also transport up to 75 other additional units, but can get easily harassed or even destroyed by a group of Anti-Air fighters, so it should be escorted when delivering experimentals.

Air Fortress Experimental Mobile FactoryEdit

The Air Fortress is a more cost-effective air factory in the late game, producing the same air units as an air factory, at a fraction of the cost and time. It is also a mobile factory, meaning you can launch a surprise air assault very close to your opponents base.

Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft CarrierEdit

The Atlantis II has made its comeback into Supreme Commander 2, from its predecessor the original Atlantis. It has the same purpose and abilities through except this time Atlantis arms twin mid-range cannons and it has no air-defense but air production compensates this weakness, possessing the ability to submerge while it is amassing a large air force, and emerging to unleash that force onto an unprepared opponent.

Disruptor Station Experimental Quantum Distortion Artillery Edit

The Disruptor is a very effective four-barrelled long-range artillery, possessing the ability to shock enemy targets upon impact of its 'quantum distortion' shells. Having four-barrels, it is a more cost-effective solution to sharp-shooting your opponent in comparison to an equal amount of Long-range Artilleries.

King Kriptor Experimental Assault BotEdit

The King Kriptor is the Universal Colossus inspired, UEF major experimental. It possesses much more fire-power than its inspiree, wielding multiple cannons and artillery to unleash havoc unto its opponents. It compensates for this by having significantly less health. It will lose in a fight against the Illuminate Colossus without use if its secondary, shorter range weapons. Its main cannons are best used against basic ground unit swarms because of their splash damage.

Noah Experimental Unit CannonEdit

The Noah is the most creative weapon in the UEF's arsenal, possessing the same range as the Disruptor, it can launch small armies across the map without having to build any transports. It also serves as an advanced factory, making the same land units as a UEF land factory, in a fraction of the time and cost.

Illuminate ExperimentalsEdit

The Illuminate use the alien technology adopted from the Seraphim to great potential, flexing their great knowledge of quantum technology to great heights.

Urchinow Experimental Assault BlockEdit

The Urchinow may resemble a large sea shell, but is known to be a very powerful offensive unit. Possessing incredible fire-power in groups of three or more, Urchinows can be force to be reckoned with, having the capability of taking down an entire base on their own.

Wilfindja Experimental Sea HunterEdit

Lacking the use of a navy, the Illuminate make up for this loss with the use of the Wilfindja. This sea hunter attacks its enemies with a series of drones, to quickly defeat even a sumerged naval unit with the advantage of firing at all angles against the ship.

Airnomo Experimental Air DefenseEdit

The Airnomo utilizes quick flying projectiles to tear apart any incoming enemy air force. Though it does have Anti-Ground weapons, it moves quite slowly and these 'arm cannons' are highly in-effective, so it is recommended you don't send it in alone.

Space Temple Experimental TeleporterEdit

The Space Temple shows-off the Illuminates tenacity towards using teleporting technology. It can transport a massive land force across the map in no-time, but it's a two-way teleporter, so your enemy can use it to send a force right back at you.

Pulinsmash Experimental Mobile Unit MagnetEdit

The Pulinsmash uses tremendous experimental technology to great effectiveness, harnessing the ability to generate a magnetic field to suck in two enemy units and smash them together. It can suck in both ground units and air units, but it cannot suck in experimentals. Due to its situational usefulness, many people avoid building this unit altogether. However, many people fail to consider the fact that against non-experimental aircraft these units are the best anti-air in the game, with a much better range then the Airnomo and more firepower in the late game since it ignores shields and health completely, instantly destroying the unit. This makes it an amazing late game counter to things like gunship spam.

Universal Colossus Experimental Assault BotEdit

The Universal Colossus in the successor to the Galactic Colossus of the first Supreme Commander . The massive assault bot still uses its predecessor's ability to suck in units with its 'globular grippers', but now has the ability to shoot the debris of units back at the opponent, and when combined with its central 'eye' beam, is a devastating force. The Colossus has one of the largest health reserves of any units or structures in the game, second only to the Cybran Monkeylord Experimental Spiderbot, wielding a massive 67,500 health points!

Loyalty Gun Experimental Conversion RayEdit

The Loyalty Gun uses the very effective capturing ability built with an engineer and ACU to new heights. This stand-alone long-range conversion ray, can capture units and structures from great distances, and can even capture Experimental Land units. Other than conversion beam means defenseless so it must be escorted with any units or base defenses especially against air marshals.

Darkenoid Experimental Giant Saucer Edit

The successor to the Czar, the Darkenoid is an enemy base's greatest nightmare. When active, it fires both multiple light lasers, heavy bombs and the characteristic weapon of the Czar, the quantum beam. And when destroyed it still deals enormous damage. 1,000 tons of falling wreckage isn't anything to sneeze at.

Sooprizer Experimental GunshipEdit

This giant gunship is the illuminate version of the soul ripper. The sooprizer is a powerful gunship, and a major experimental of the illuminate. It has considerably less frepower than the soul ripper, but compensates by having many more HP. It will beat the soul ripper in a 1on1 fight though. 10 sooprizers (are overkill) will thrash ANY base they come up against ( with the exception of a hard AI base,) Plus when the sooprizers die, they do a lot of damage, so even if the attack fails, a large portion of the opponents base will die.

Cybran ExperimentalsEdit

Dr. Brackman has created some of the finest experimentals the game has seen, and is known for their great battlefield effectiveness.

Megalith II Experimental MegabotEdit

The Megalith II is the next model from Supreme Commander 1's original Megalith, and combines its firepower with Supreme Commander 1's Monkeylord's lasers. It is the spearhead for Cybran land force, being researched early in the tech tree so quick and easy access.

Giant Transport Experimental Air TransportEdit

The Giant Transport is the Cybran's equivalent to the UEF's Star King, having the same ability of transporting Experimental units over the battlefield, but with greater speed and more powerful Anti-Air, so it could go without that big of an escort.

Proto-Brain Complex Experimental Research FacilityEdit

The Proto-Brain Complex is a 'homage' to Dr. Brackman himself, apply his antic's of research on the battlefield, to greatly increase research development. It also has a stand-alone Proto-brain air unit, which is effective at defending it.

Kraken Experimental Giant SubmarineEdit

As the name implies the Kraken resembles the great mythological creature, and it is just as fearsome on the battlefield. It wields eight mighty tentacles, capable of engaging all forms of enemy targets. While submerging, Kraken uses four Nanite Torpedo Tubes for hunting submarines and defenseless vessels

Pros: Can engage any unit that it can reach, high health

Cons: Weak weapon, limited to sea.

Magnetron Experimental Unit MagnetEdit

The Magnetron uses similar quantum technology to that of the Pulinsmash, but to more defensive capabilities. It can be either set to pulling in units from fair distances away, or to push away invading land units for defense.

Bomb Bouncer Experimental Reflector ShieldEdit

The Bomb Bouncer is the Cybran's main way of securing Anti-Air defense, harnessing the power of 'bouncing bombs' launch at its massive reflector shield. It also has the power to unleash a devastating 'megablast' capable of destroying land and air units within its radius. Bomb bouncers are a great gunship counter, and their overcharge one-shots any units except experimentals and ACU's.

Cybranasaurus Rex Experimental LizardbotEdit

The Cybranasaurus Rex is the Cybran's major offensive experimental unit, but unlike the King Kriptor or Universal Colossus, it is down and low and can get up-close and personal to an enemy ACU. Though it is smaller than then the other major offensive experimentals, it doesn't lack any fire-power whatsoever. On another note, Cybranasaurus Rexes more firepower and more health than the other major experimentals, so they are a good unit to drop into an enemy's base where it stomps around crushing buildings until it is blown up. This is a very powerful assault unit. It is a building destroyer. Drop it in when you can.

Soul Ripper II Experimental GunshipEdit

Arguably the most effective offensive unit in the game, the Soul Ripper II matches its predecessor's fire-power to great potential. With the ability of engaging land, naval and air units, groups of these devastating units is quite an incredible force indeed.

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