Field Engineer
This unit was included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

UEF Field Engineer: Mobile Repair and Support Unit: The UEF Mobile Repair and Support unit is a mobile engineer that has a basic direct fire turret as well as a repair arm. It is unable to build new structures, reclaim or capture, so its strength lies in its ability to accompany and quickly repair nearby allied units.

Field Engineers will attack targets and repair allies at the same time. When given an attack order, Field Engineers will always attack targets instead of repairing allies. (This removes some need to micromanage the Field Engineers as they will repair the nearest damaged object whenever standing still and will attack any enemies that come in range) To prioritize repairs over attacking, give your units move orders that are near the target, or alternatively, assign every field engineer an "assist" order for a seperate attacking unit. Note that the former method lacks precise control, whereas the later will be too time consuming in large numbers. Alternatively, you can give them a single attack order against a target that is near other targets, and they will focus on attacking that target, then switch to repairing after that target is destroyed, though without movement your units will quickly become sitting ducks for artillery and tactical missiles.


  • A useful tactic to quickly build an outpost is to have a few field engineers and a engineer close together and let the engineer make a start on a building, such as a turret or shield generator. Then move on to construct the next building with the engineer while the field engineer "repairs" the new building until completed and can provide some fire support
  • Field Engineers can also assist factories, deploying these instead of regular engineers for factory support could be a good idea as they can provide some defense.
  • Also, with full research, the Field Engineer will win a 1 v 1 with almost all fully upgraded UEF basic land units (assuming both have no Veterancy). But even with this factor, Field Engineers do not receive shields, Anti Aircraft abilities, or any of the short term enhanced stat abilities.
  • Field Engineers work extremely well when paired with tougher, more focused units such as an ACU or a experimental unit as they can repair and attack at the same time.
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