Land Gantry
Air Gantry
Illuminate Gantry

The Gantries are structures common to the UEF and the Cybran Nation. They construct land and aerial experimentals, much like Land and Air factories. They are available as soon at least one experimental are researched.

Both land and air gantries are required to build the respective experimental units by UEF and Cybran ACUs. The Illuminate only need to build one; The Experimental Gantry to construct both types but requires more space to build.

Naval Experimentals are built traditionally in the water and do not require a Gantry.
Unit Mass Energy Time
Fatboy II Experimental Assault Vehicle Uef icon experimental generic  600 Mass32 2350 Energy32 120 Time32
King Kriptor Experimental Assault Bot Uef icon experimental generic  1325 Mass32 5210 Energy32 190 Time32

UEF Air GantryEdit

Unit Mass Energy Time
AC-1000 Terror Experimental Assault Plane Uef icon experimental generic  470 Mass32 2500 Energy32 110 Time32
C-230 Star King Extreme Experimental Air Transport Uef icon experimental generic  375 Mass32 1925 Energy32 110 Time32
Mega Fortress Experimental Mobile Factory Uef icon experimental generic  1000 Mass32 3700 Energy32 190 Time32

Cybran Land Gantry Edit

Unit Mass Energy Time
Megalith II Experimental Megabot Cybran icon experimental generic  525 Mass32 2300 Energy32 115 Time32
Bomb Bouncer Experimental Reflector Shield Cybran icon experimental generic  475 Mass32 2375 Energy32 115 Time32
Cybranasaurus Rex Experimental Lizardbot Cybran icon experimental generic  1525 Mass32 4900 Energy32 190 Time32

Cybran Air GantryEdit

Unit Mass Energy Time
Giant Transport Experimental Air Transport Cybran icon experimental generic  475 Mass32 2360 Energy32 115 Time32
Soul Ripper II Experimental Gunship Cybran icon experimental generic  1200 Mass32 5625 Energy32 190 Time32

Illuminate GantryEdit

Unit Mass Energy Time
Urchinow Experimental Assault Block Illuminate icon experimental generic  490 Mass32 2100 Energy32 120 Time32
Wilfindja Experimental Sea Hunter Illuminate icon experimental generic  510 Mass32 2625 Energy32 115 Time32
Airnomo Experimental Air Defense Illuminate icon experimental generic  620 Mass32 2815 Energy32 115 Time32
Pulinsmash Experimental Mobile Unit Magnet Illuminate icon experimental generic  750 Mass32 2500 Energy32 190 Time32
Darkenoid Experimental Giant Saucer Illuminate icon experimental generic  1500 Mass32 5000 Energy32 190 Time32
Universal Colossus Experimental Assault Bot Illuminate icon experimental generic  1375 Mass32 5250 Energy32 190 Time32

The UEF Atlantis II Experimental Aircraft Carrier and the Kraken Experimental Giant Submarine are not constructed at any gantry, instead they are built on water by your ACU or engineer like a structure.


  • Since each Experimental Gantry can construct all Experimental Illuminate units you have unlocked, your opponents won't know if you will be attacking from Land or Air until construction begins. With proper scouting, though, a canny opponent can learn exactly what is being built, as the unit is clearly visible during the entire construction process.
  • On maps like Geothermal Borehole where base space is at a premium, the Illuminate Experimental Gantry is superior because you otherwise simply may not have room for both an Air Gantry and Land Gantry.
  • All experimental units can be launched "Half-Baked", causing them to enter play at half health and with some miscellaneous problems as well (indicated by a small lightning bolt on their model) This problem can NOT be fixed, so its not recommended to use this ability for mass production
  • It is not recommended to send out half-baked models without fixing them, as the malfunction condition they suffer from reduces their effectiveness greatly, and is irrepairable.
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