"Launch Half-Baked" is a special ability present in all experimental gantries, allowing you to launch an experimental before completion. The experimental unit may be launched at any time past the halfway completion mark. The result is a somewhat functional experimental unit. However, a Half-Baked unit the risk of getting disabled every 10 seconds, for ten seconds. Do note that the more completed a unit is, the lesser the chance of the unit getting disabled every 10 seconds. Therefore, a 50% completion would result in there being a 50% chance of failure every 10 seconds. Also, the Experimental will only be released with its current health percentage equal to the amount of build time percentage it had completed. This damage, unlike the random disabling, is not permanent and can be repaired.


  • The experimental will have the full attack capabilities of a fully completed experimental.
  • An Experimental launched Half-Baked can and will roll for Shutdown every ten seconds regardless of the effect of previous rolls. An Experimental launched right at 50% will properly operate for ten seconds, then has a 50% chance of shutdown. After the ten seconds are completed, it will roll again at a 50% chance. In this way, a Half-Baked experimental poorly released may be wasted entirely as they have a large chance to keep rolling Shutdown.
  • After you select the option, it will be about another 5 seconds before it is actually launched. It is not wise to release an experimental "half baked" because it may fail at any time, so it would be better to defend it until it is complete, unless there is no other option. The half-baked experimental should only be launched in a severe case of base defence, and even then, don't expect it to last.
  • The only experimentals you can launch half-baked are the land and air experimentals. The experimental structures and naval experimentals aren't constructed at an experimental gantry and have to be completed 100% before operational.
  • Also note that when your experimental gantry is about to get destroyed you can still cancel the construction of the experimental and get your precious resources back. This doesn't apply to experimental structures and experimental naval units.
  • Some experimentals are less hindered by being disabled than others. For example, the Wilfindja's gun drones will continue to fire when the main body gets disabled. Also, the UEF Mega Fortress's air unit production abilities are totally unhindered by being launched Half-Baked, so launching a Mega Fortress with the intentions of only being used as a factory may not be a bad option if the situation requires it.
  • Overall, the least effected units that are launched half baked are ones that do continuous damage, particularly the Universal Colossus with its face laser and massive amounts of health help it survive longer. Becuase every second they are not stunned they do full damage while some direct fire units such as Megaliths or king Kriptors rely more on burst damage which gives them less time to dish out more damage. In this way a Half-Baked Experimental can't go toe to toe with other experimentals effectively, but it is slightly capable at dealing with waves of basic units.
  • Most of the time, its better to let the experimental be completed, such as airnomo's or megalith's as these experimentals will not do anywhere near their best damage and will easily be destroyed or captured.
  • Most Major Experimentals are very slow indeed. The addition of ten seconds of non-movement can make them an absolute sloth on the battlefield.

Overall, half-baking experimentals is a very risky descision and could lead to your down-fall. Launching half-baked experimentals does not help or aid any other strategy that would involve a fully functional version of the experimental. Some players may try to half-bake the three factional major experimentals (Universal Colossus, King Kriptor, Cybranasaurus Rex) at a feeble attempt at some sort of rush strategy. This is very desperate way of attack and can easily be countered, and makes players doubtful about the capability of those units, so using this function is not recommended.&nbsp