Commander Ivan Brackman, aged 29, is the main character of the Cybran Nation campaign.
Ivan Brackman

Supreme Commander 2 Game Manual Background InformationEdit

Ivan Brackman is a test tube baby, brought to term in an exowomb. He is the literal son of Dr. Gustaf Brackman and an unnamed female donor rumored to be former Cybran Commander Ivanna Dostya. Ivan is also the first successful Proto-Cybran Commander, a fully-grown hybrid of human, cybernetics, and Dr. Brackman's new Proto-Brain technology.

Ivan was raised on the Haven node, with Dr. Brackman always in close proximity. (There were some concerns that his father's current condition—existing as a brain and spinal cord sustained in a specially designed oxygen-rich amniotic solution—might have been somewhat off-putting to a small child.)

Ivan was closely monitored before he was allowed to mix with others in standard Cybran society. He showed enough promise and stability at an early age for Dr. Brackman to create dozens of other proto-Cybrans. Most of Ivan's fellow Protos work at Dr. Brackman's private lab or are part of his military. Though the 3.11 version of Dr. Brackman's Proto- technology used on Ivan is still in its infancy, he exhibits more creativity and independent thought than other Cybrans.

Dr. Brackman couldn't ignore his son's military skills and agreed to enroll him in Coalition Commander School on Altair II. He was the top student at the academy, graduating first in his class. While most students kept their distance or mocked him behind his back, he made friends with a UEF commander named Dominic Maddox who are both still good friends with and write often and visit each other when they can. Ivan found himself a little jealous which turn out to be a misunderstanding the closeness between Maddox and a promising young Illuminate named Thalia Kael, though he never brought it up with either of them.

After he left school, Ivan became head of Dr. Brackman's personal protection staff. Despite all that he's achieved at such a young age, he's kept on a very tight leash.

Campaign HistoryEdit

Ivan Brackman's story begins with the defense of his father's top secret experimental research facility, the Proto-Brain Complex, on Seraphim VII. After his successful defense of the Proto-Brain site, by the oppressive forces of Commander Gauge, Ivan enters a portal to the Gate World in order to respond to Dr. Snyder's distress call. After some trouble with rogue engineers on the Gate World, Ivan arrives at Dr. Snyder's research facility at New Terra to aid her against a Royal Guardian assault.

After the Guardian commander successfully rips the data on Shiva Prime from Dr. Snyder's archives, Ivan destroys the commander. Dr. Snyder remarks that the data was most likey transmitted to Guardian Command. Ivan then compromises with his father, and sets out to destroy Commander Gauge and take control of Shiva Prime. Ivan then arrives at the Quantum Gate at Altair II, to find his old classmates, in a bit of an 'entanglement' with some unfriendly Royal Guardians.

By celebrating his reunion with his old friends, Ivan defeats the commanders and persuades Maddox and Thalia to stay at the Quantum Gate and defend it from other Guardians as he pursues Commander Gauge. Ivan arrives at Seraphim VII to see Gauge launch Shiva Prime into its upper atmosphere. His attempt to pursue is halted by Commander Stockwell, who has teleported down from Shiva Prime to stop him. Ivan quickly defeats Stockwell, and persists in his pursuit of Commander Gauge. Ivan then teleports up to Shiva Prime to finally confront Gauge.

Gauge shows off his power over Shiva by using its advanced propulsion system to teleport it to an orbit around Altair II. Ivan then begins his assault on Gauge by disabling his quantum shield, which he achieves by destroying Shiva's power coils. After Ivan destroys them, Shiva 'gets angry' and starts deploying drones to attack Ivan. Ivan shrugs off the drones, and finally succeeds at defeating Gauge. Gauge unfortunately launches his escape pod at the last second (which apparently goes unnoticed by Ivan), leaving Ivan with the order from Dr. Brackman to hand over Shiva to him. Ivan says he is unable to comply and detonates Shiva.

Ivan's Speech CutsceneEdit

After his 'defeat' of Commander Gauge on Shiva Prime, Ivan flies down to Altair II in an unidentified Cybran spacecraft. He is then seen in what appears to be some sort of Coalition Government Building. He then makes a speech to 'his fellow members of the Coalition'. During this cutscene the aftermath of Thalia Kael and Dominic Maddox's actions are revealed.