The Mass Convertor is a researched technology common to all factions, however are represented by separate structures.

The core purpose of the Mass Converter is to convert Energy into Mass, at a 10:1 ratio. A mass converter uses 1000 energy per use and for the cybrans they use their energy generators.


In order to convert Energy to Mass, you must manually select the Mass Convertor unit(s) and either click on the ability button, or use the keyboard shortcut.

The keyboard shortcut for Mass Conversion is Alt-M for UEF, Illuminate, and for the Cybran stand alone converter(Note: This raises a Windows notification beep).

The keyboard shortcut for Mass Conversion was Ctrl-M for Cybran, but no longer works due to a bug that caused Cybran players to crash in online games if they selected their energy generators and pressed Ctrl-M.


  • Later in the game, you may have a surplus of Energy and Research Points. Use the Mass Convertor technology at this point to gain the most benefits.
  • Put several Mass Convertors (or Cybran Energy Generators) into a hotkey group.
    • Press the corresponding hotkey number, followed by the respective 'Mass Conversion' keyboard shortcut.
    • Keep in mind that each Mass Convertor selected will use 1000 Energy. A stockpile may disappear quicker than expected when using multiple conversion structures.
  • Beware when placing mass converters as they have a powerful and wide explosion when they are destroyed, capable of destroying other mass converters and potentially setting off a devastating chain reaction. Conversely, when attacking a base, aiming for mass converters can damage other structures near them.

Increasing Energy ProductionEdit

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  • Energy Generators

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