Aeon navy1

An Aeon Navy, added through a mod that uses units from the original Supreme Commander.

Modding SC2Edit

Officially Supreme Commander 2 was declared early on to be uneditable by Chris Taylor. Nonetheless, people have managed to find ways that successfully introduce new maps and units, many of which are from the previous Supreme Commander, into the game. It should be noted that when using mods one should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS backup the original game files. If you do not, you might seriously impair the game by accident.

Supreme Commander 2 ModsEdit

  • Revamp Expansion Mod
  • Scale Mod+FA Economy
  • SC2 2013

Player Created Maps (MOD MAPS)Edit

Many people have managed to port maps into skirmish from the campaign which would then be modded with mass points and spawn markers despite the fact that the game developer's have not released any sort of map editor or any other form of assistance. Most player-made maps currently show up incorrectly in the preview box because they have to piggy back off an existing skirmish map's layout and ID to work. However, they do work for the most part, but some have problems with AI pathfinding. This is a due to the inability to added required AI markers since the files are compiled making them unreadable.

  • Treallach Jungle
  • Overgrown Boolon Industrial Complex
  • Erdu Strategic Weapons Center
  • Mesaopolis
  • Revamp Map Pack (Contains most of the maps from the campaign) :)

Development of Mods&MapsEdit

Many people are working on developing mods and maps to make Supreme Commander 2 a more diverse and interesting game. If you can help I think it is the feelings of the majority of those who play this game that you should help them. If you need a place to start look at the links below. Right now there is only a small community, however a mod that could be a great improvement could revolutionize the game. (And maybe even get the developers to finally help with this aspect.)




Development LinksEdit

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