Cybran Monkeylord
Experimental Spiderbot
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
3000 150000
Research Info
18 Research32
33 Research32
Unlocked By Speed Reducing Mega-Armor
Weapon: Direct Fire Experimental x 1
Heavy Microwave Laser - Continious Beam
DPS 2500
Damage radius
Weapon: Direct Fire x 2
Heavy Bolter - Projectile
DPS 225
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Rate of Fire
1 Projectiles
0.5 salvos/s

The Monkeylord is a Cybran Experimental Spiderbot included with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC.

Famous for being a notable hit-and-run ACU Assassin, the Monkeylord retains its superstar status with its signature laser weapon.

The high damage given from the main weapon allows it systematically sweep over enroaching enemies, wiping out each target in succession while at the same time inflicting collateral damage as it goes. Much like the Megalith II and Fatboy II, the laser provides 360 degree coverage, a luxury not shared but most other land traversing experimentals, which allows to protect itself during a retreat or outmanuvering bigger foes with extreme prejudice.

Alongside its main weapon, the Monkeylord also sports its signature heavy bolters, that independently attack from each other, though their range exceeds that of the laser which makes masking its approach rather tricky.

Other weapons include its torpedo tubes for anti-ship measures and two Nanite Missile systems for anti-air work though each of these are weaker than those mounted on dedicated units so having escorts is advised when mounting an assault.

Strategies Edit

The Monkeylord should be used as a vanguard, being an incredibly intimidating foe with it's massive health pool and dominating attack, allowing it to soak up damage while smaller units press its attack.

MLs also retain their amphibious capabilities, allowing one to launch a surprising beach assault to flank ACUs unaware. A shrewd Cybran ACU can utilise this ability to potentially assassinate the enemy ACUs by ordering the unit to make a wide route around combat and sneak around the rear entrance of the enemy base. The sudden speed and damage of the laser leaves little time for the victim to mount a speedy response if not stopped in time.

Counters Edit

Due to the ML's lethal capabilites in riot control, sending in swarms of ground units will only end it melting the force in its path but an unguarded Monkeylord is suspectible to air assault; Sending in Gunships and Bombers can be a surprising tactic to send an enroaching ML to the scrapheap quickly but utilising TMLs can also be a good option if its stationary.

Naval Units provide good defense if a ML is travelling underwater, mainly submarines which can use their torpedoes to snipe them from under the waves. Scores of battleships will also suffice.

Experimentals can also be used to fend off ML attacks, AC-1000s, Sooprizers and Mega Fortresses are several few which can safely dispatch one.


  • The Monkey Lord will some times not fire at enemies behind it even when its aiming at them if this happens turn it around and it will start firing its laser.
  • A certain video on Youtube demonstrates a Cybran player wiping out all 3 other commanders with a single Monkeylord on Geothermal Borehole- to duplicate this, simply build a Monkeylord and use the patrol command to have it walk to each enemy base in turn.

Trivia Edit

  • The Monkeylord is argubably the only Experimental to have returned relatively unchanged from the prequel, carrying the same characteristics. The only exception to this is its exclusion of torpedoes.
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