Supreme Commander 2 utilizes mainly maps created by GPG. This is due to the fact that there is currently no support for user created maps (see Mods in the maps section.) There are around 20 maps that come with the game along with 5 maps that were available by preordering the game from different retailers (Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon) that were later made available in a patch. There are also 8 additional maps that come with the Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC. There are 36 maps total, 28 maps are available without additional purchases.

Notes On NotationEdit

2P=2 Players, 3P=3 Players, 4P=4 Players, 6P= 6 Players, 8P=8 Players, FFA= Free For All

Official Core MapsEdit

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Pre-Order Maps (Added in Patch)Edit

(Comes with purchase of SC2 on Xbox 360 version)Edit

Infinite War Battle Pack One DLC MapsEdit

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