The Cybran Power Detonate is an unlockable ability that allows all units (of the corresponding tech tree, structure or land), to create a massive explosion, in exchange for their life. What is very interesting about this ability is that the blast radius is usually very large, and does not damage friendly units. However, it does not automatically activate, and units destroyed by the opponent simply die.

Land units Edit

This ability can be frighteningly effective against clustered enemy units Particularly when combined with Jump Jets. Simply jump a few units into the opponent's army, detonate and use the remaining part of your army to attack the survivors. Done correctly, even situations where you are outnumbered and outgunned can be turned around. Also, this ability can be used to add an extra bit of damage to your raiding detatchments, since usually you don't expect to get them back, When you see them about to succumb to the defenses in your enemy's base, detonate them to take as much stuff with them to the junk yard as possible.

Structures Edit

This skill is quite useful to have on structures, if only to blow them up before being destroyed. Structures have the advantage of not being destroyed in seconds, giving you the time needed to activate the ability before being destroyed. Factories, which are usually in the front lines and surrounded by enemies before dying, usually take quite a few units with them. As you might expect, structure explosions are significantly more powerful than unit explosions.

Power generators also benefit from this skill, if only not to damage surrounding friendly units.

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