QAI prototype facility
This is a map for Supreme Commander 2. You can get this map by preordering the game through EB Games. As you see are there 2 paths to your starting location. Those positions are perfect choke points which will help you a lot if can get up a defence line on both.

This map can be played as an FFA, a 2v2 or a 1v1.


  • When playing an FFA, notice how you can be attacked by land on 2 sides, make sure to remember this when you start to fight the closest enemy as people never suspect attacks through here.


  • Try to attack via the small ramp with land or use transports as these methods are less expected and the enemy will fortify the obvious path :P


  • You can colonize the close, unused base for extra mass but be sure to defend it o deny research to your enemy and prevent net mass loss.