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Tech Trees

Researching in Supreme Commander 2 upgrades your units. There are 5 tech trees for research: Land, Naval, Air, Structures and ACU. Research points are gained by Destroying enemy units and/or building research centers. ACU units generate Research Points at a fixed rate, modifiable through certain Research bonuses that may be available within the ACU Research tree.

You can browse the research tree by faction or by type

Research Points Earned Through Combat Experience

You may generate Research Points (RP) by earning Experience Points (XP).

Destruction of enemy units and structures generates XP according to an amount defined within the unit blueprint files. For example, a Rock Head Tank earns 150 XP when destroyed. Some Research bonuses may modify the amount of XP earned (e.g., Veterancy_Rate_(UEF_land_research)), as will certain unit auras (e.g., Proto-Brain Complex Experimental Research Center and Brain).

The XP earned is converted to RP according to a multiplier value. This multiplier value decreases as a player earns more XP. For example, at game start, 1 RP is earned for destroying 8.33 Rock Head Tanks. As the game progresses, that same player may ultimately need to destroy 33.33 Rock Head Tanks to earn 1 RP.

The following table defines the XP required to reach level n.

Level Experience Points
1 5000
2 10000
3 15000
4 20000
5 25000

The following table defines the multiplier used, based on level n.

Level Multiplier
1 0.0008
2 0.0006
3 0.0004
4 0.0003
5 0.0002

Expanding on the prior example, a player that has earned between 0 and 5000 XP will neeed to destroy 8.33 Rock Head Tanks for the first RP earned. This is calculated as follows:

Rock Head Tank XP (150) * Level 1 Muliplier (0.0008) = 0.12

1 RP / 0.12 = 8.33 Rock Head Tank

Continuing with the same player, who has now earned a cumulative XP total of 25000 or more, we have:

Rock Head Tank XP (150) * Level 1 Muliplier (0.0002) = 0.03

1 RP / 0.03 = 33.33 Rock Head Tank

From this, we can see the RP earned for a given unit is as follows:

UnitXP * Level Multiplier = RP

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