Campaign Based AchievementsEdit

Tutorial Edit

Achievement StartHere Start Here
Complete both parts of the tutorial

UEF Campaign Edit

Achievement CommunicationBreakdown Communication Breakdown
Complete the 'Prime Target' operation

Achievement Survivor Survivor (Hidden Achievement)
Don't lose any units during the first attack in 'Prime Target'

Achievement SecondTarget Second Target
Complete the 'Off Base' operation

Achievement DeepFreeze Deep Freeze
Complete the 'Strike While Cold' operation

Achievement FatboyParade Fatboy Parade
Complete the 'Titans of Industry' operation

Achievement NuclearStrike Nuclear Strike
Complete the 'Factions or Family Plan' operation

Achievement RodgersIsRelieved Rodgers is Relieved
Complete the 'End of an Alliance' operation

Illuminate CampaignEdit

Achievement BargeAhead Barge Ahead
Complete the 'Delta Force' operation

Achievement Alarming Alarming
Complete the 'Lethal Weapons' operation

Achievement PrisonBreak Prison Break
Complete the 'Back on the Chain Gang' operation

Achievement HoleInTheGround Hole In The Ground
Complete the 'Steamed' operation

Achievement Gorged Gorged
Complete the 'Cliff Diving' operation

Achievement Reunited Reunited
Complete the 'Prime Time' operation

Achievement BotLord Bot Lord (Hidden Achievement)
Complete 'Prime Time' with an army made up entirely of Assault Bots.
This achievement is not very hard, if you know "the rules". The only mobile unit you can build are Harvog Assault Bots. This excludes Engineers, so keep them safe. All non-economic buildings are banned except factories. This means no point defences, no shields, no Space Temples. Energy Generators and Mass Converters are OK, so you can abuse them. You can, however, build any amount of factory add-ons, including shields and anti-air. You may research anything you want, including "unlocks", as long as you don't build them.

Your main (and only) method of dealing with air (the most common threat in this mission), is with the Anti-Air upgrade for your bots.

Utilising your initial units (including the two Crahdow Mobile Anti-Air Guns and Engineers) is permitted, but you are not allowed to build any more of those units.

The basic strategy is to start the game by getting the Anti-Air upgrade for your bots. Right from the beginning, you will want to camp in your base, and build enough bots to hold of the enemy AC-1000 Terror. Once you are strong enough for this, keep researching to make your bots as strong and powerful as possible, and make sure you research the teleport skill.

Once you have an upgraded army of about 150 bots. Simply separate them in a 100 to 50 ratio. Send 100 of them to destroy a target, and keep 50 in your base.

You will want to destroy targets in this order:

  1. The Illuminate air base to your north, north-east(needs teleportation). This is to stop the constant gunship harrasment.
  2. The Cybran base to the north north west (try to do this before they start sending Megalith IIs at you).
  3. The UEF base to the South East.
  4. The Remaining Illuminate base.

The basic technique is to; march to enemy base, teleport on Commander when close enough, kill Commander. Fully upgraded bots are very powerful, so don't be afraid. 10 are enough to destroy a Megalith II, so your army of 100 has nothing to fear.

Cybran CampaignEdit

Achievement Downloading Downloading
Complete the 'Fact Finder' operation

Achievement Survivalist Survivalist (Hidden Achievement)
Survive multiple waves after the download completes in 'Fact Finder'

Achievement BugsInTheSystem Bugs In The System
Complete the 'The Trouble With Technology' operation

Achievement Animal Magnetism Animal Magnetism
Complete the 'The Great Leap Forward' operation

Achievement Class Reunion Class Reunion
Complete the 'Gatekeeper' operation

Achievement WellStocked Well Stocked
Complete the 'Surface Tension' operation

Achievement TerraFirma Terra Firma
Complete the 'The Final Countdown' operation

Common Achievements Edit

Achievement Replayer Replayer
Improve your score on any operation

Achievement ScoreHoarder Score Hoarder
Get a complete campaign score over 150,000

Achievement EasyGoing Easy Going
Complete all three campaigns on 'Easy' difficulty

Achievement AWinnerIsYou A Winner is You
Complete all three campaigns 'Normal' difficulty

Achievement Supremest Commander Supremest Commander
Complete all three campaigns on 'Hard' difficulty

Achievement KnowsItAll Knows It All
Complete all primary and secondary campaign objectives

Achievement Completist Completist
Complete all hidden campaign objectives

Skirmish Achievements Edit

Achievement GoodGame Good Game
Win a skirmish match against all AI opponents

Achievement Luddite Luddite
Win a skirmish match without building any Experimentals

Achievement Sampling Sampling
Win a skirmish match with each faction

Achievement Dating Dating
Play 10 skirmish matches with one faction

Achievement CommittedRelationship Committed Relationship
Play 25 skirmish matches with one faction

Achievement RushinFront Rushin' Front
Win a skirmish match in less than five minutes

Achievement Sightseer Sightseer
Win a skirmish match on every multiplayer map

Online Edit

Achievement InternetCommander Internet Commander
Win an online match

Achievement Friends Friends
Win a co-op match vs AI

Achievement GoodFriends Good Friends
Win 10 co-op matches vs AI

Achievement Ranker Ranker
Win a Ranked online match

Achievement SupremeOnlineCommander Supreme Online Commander
Win 25 Ranked online matches

Miscellaneous Edit

Achievement ToTheVictor To the Victor...
Win 25 skirmish matches

Achievement Master Masster
Extract 1,000,000 mass

Achievement MasterBuilder Master Builder
Build 10,000 units

Achievement SharpShooter Sharp Shooter
Destroy 10,000 units

Achievement TimeCruncher Time Cruncher
Play the game for over 24 hours in total

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