Supreme Commander 2 is set 25 years after the events of Forge Alliance.

Since the defeat of the Seraphim the alliance forged by the UEF, Cybran Nation and Aeon Illuminate has held becoming the CDC (Colonial Defense Coalition) and resulting in 25 years of peace. During this time the three nations have intermixed and some of their military recruits are even trained together at the same institutions. This includes the campaign's 3 protagonists - one from each faction - who become friends at their academy.

However, the peace is brought to an abrupt end by the assassination of the newly elected CDC President. Each faction denies involvement while blaming the others and war erupts yet again. The campaign follows the stories of the three friends and their relationships as they are forced to fight members of the factions they were allies and friends with not long ago. Their names and factions are:

Campaign StorylineEdit


The overall campaign element of Supreme Commander 2 (excluding the tutorial) is split into three sections based upon the three factions; UEF, Illuminate and Cybran. Within each faction-based section, the player takes command of an ACU from the respective faction; Dominic Maddox, Thalia Kael, Ivan Brackman. Each campaign is progressively unlocked in a sequential order, by completing the previous campaign's main objectives in the relevant faction.

The campaign maps themselves consist of a segment from the main Storyline, mandatory main objectives, optional secondary objectives and some additional hidden objectives.

Campaign ScoringEdit

On the completion (or failure) of a campaign, the player receives a numerical game score, an overall 'star medal'-based ranking out of five, alongside a breakdown of separate star-based ranks in select game criteria. The criteria assessed throughout each campaign are;

  • Time; how quickly the player completed the campaign objectives.
  • Combat; speculated to be based on the overall number of units produced, destroyed, lost.
  • Research; the amount of research completed.
  • Objectives; speculated to be based on the completion of all primary and secondary objectives.

A five 'star-medal' overall ranking, can still be obtained without completing the hidden objectives.

Campaign StorylineEdit

Below is a list of the available campaign maps in Supreme Commander 2, noted in order of availability and sorted by the relevant faction.

UEF Illuminate Cybran
  1. Prime Target
  2. Off Base
  3. Strike While Cold
  4. Titans of Industry
  5. Factions or Family Plan
  6. End of an Alliance
  1. Delta Force
  2. Lethal Weapons
  3. Back on the Chain Gang
  4. Steamed
  5. Cliff Diving
  6. Prime Time
  1. Fact Finder
  2. The Trouble With Technology
  3. The Great Leap Forward
  4. Gatekeeper
  5. Surface Tension
  6. The Final Countdown

UEF CampaignEdit

Prime TargetEdit

This is the introducing level of Supreme Commander 2. Maddox receives orders for Sergeant Daxil that he is to protect the communications array on Altair II, which supplies all communitcation to Altair II from the nearby worlds. It has been apparently targeted by an unidentified Cybran commander, who is later revealed to be Commander Gauge. The mission starts off by the Cybran commander nuking the communications array and the two abandoned forward bases that had Land Gantries with them. Several Cybran Dragonflies then drop off squads of Loyalists that attack the facility. Maddox responds with his own land forces and eventually destroys the Loyalists, and save what is left of the facility. Maddox is then introduced to Dr. Zoe Snyder, a military scientist, who gives additional research options for Maddox. Maddox is then given reinforcements just before a destructive duo of Megalith II with a full escorting army of more Loyalists attack the facility. Maddox then responds with his reinforcements and destroys the attacking Megaliths. Colonel Rodgers then places all Cybran officials under arrest and assumes sole command of all forces on Altair II.

Off BaseEdit

Following his unsuccessful defense of the comm array, Maddox has been sent to the Eridu Strategic Weapons Center to aid Commander Coleman, operative name "Nuke", in ridding the Cybran presence there. The Weapons Center was carpet-nuked by the same commander from the communications array, at which Maddox comments jokingly about the condition of the Weapons Center, and Coleman has been put in command of attemptung to rectify the situation. Maddox is ordered by Rodgers to assist Coleman's land forces by constructing an air force and eliminating a forward defensive line. Once Maddox' air forces took out a squadron of Renegades and Point Defense lines, Coleman is reassigned to another mission, and leaves Eridu. Rodgers gives Maddox command over Coleman's land factories, so he can prepare to take out the Cybran's base. When Maddox completes this successfully, Rodgers admires that Maddox is indeed a fine commander, after having once thought that he is 'a cut less dumb than the rest of them'. He also adds that he has big plans for a commander like Maddox.

Strike While ColdEdit

Maddox receives intel from Rodgers that they have tracked the Cybran commander to remote part of the Weddel Strait, near the Frozen Plains. Once Maddox has got a base up and running, Rodgers orders Maddox to take control of some nearby Mass Extractors. Once Maddox completes this, he is hailed by the Cybran commander, who is Commander William Gauge. After Gauge's little 'introduction', Maddox detects a large experimental in the waters. Rodgers identifies this as the Kraken Experimental Submarine and advises to 'hit it hard' with his own submarines. Once the Kraken is sunk, Maddox successfully assaults Gauge's base-camp. Gauge then flees the battle leaving behind a few Megalith IIs as a distraction for his escape through a teleporter, which are easily defeated. Rodgers then orders Maddox to attack the New Cathedral colony. Maddox responds, stating that his wife and son are there. After Rodgers reassures that they will be escorted away from the Illuminate, Maddox exclaims that they are Illuminate. With Rodgers outraged, Maddox refuses an order to stand down and surrender his ACU and becomes rogue from the UEF. Maddox then flees the Weddel Strait to defend New Cathedral from tyrannical UEF forces.

Titans of IndustryEdit

Maddox lands just outside the large abandoned complex, to be hailed by his old friend, Sergeant Daxil, operative name Analog. Analog informs Maddox that he's with a group of UEF rogues that came together after Rodgers took over. He also tells Maddox that he is at the abandoned Boolon Industrial Complex. Maddox is then hailed by Rodgers, to be told that Commander Coleman is at the complex and is ready to intercept you. Rodgers then offers one last chance for Maddox to stand down his ACU, only to be declined. Coleman is then ordered to 'terminate Maddox's command, with extreme prejudice', and starts activating some abandoned Experimental Land Gantries throughout the Complex. After Analog informs Maddox of what Coleman is doing, Maddox decides to make a base and take over those Land Gantries. Maddox then successfully takes over the Land Gantries, and after attempting to reason with Coleman, ultimately defeats him and makes him the embodiment of his callsign. Maddox then makes his way to the base outside New Cathedral, Fort Burke.

Factions or Family PlanEdit

Maddox arrives at Fort Burke and orders the military there to start evacuating the civilians. Shortly after Maddox starts up a base, Analog informs him that 'the UEF forces have arrived'. After pleading to Commander Lynch to not attack New Cathedral, Rodgers replies with 'speeches will get you no-where son'. He then orders Lynch to engage Maddox. Lynch's forces then launch their attack run on Maddox, to which Maddox replies with forces of his own. Soon after, when the first batch of evacuees are away, Maddox pleads with Lynch one last time to stand down. Lynch replies with a launch of a nuke at one of the city structures. Maddox, now enraged with the fear of the death of his wife and son, aggressively assaults Lynch's ICBM launch facilities and takes down Lynch. Rodgers desperately attempts to persuade Maddox that he has no hope, to which Maddox replies with, 'I'm coming for you next'. Maddox then leaves New Cathedral to finally take down Rodgers.

End of an AllianceEdit

Maddox arrives at the Coalition Command Center to finally sort out his situation with Rodgers. Analog informs Maddox that, 'Rodgers office is deep inside, under a few hundred tons of concrete'. Analog soon picks up an UEF ACU. Commander Greer cries out for help, as he is trying to resist Rodgers but is surrounded. Maddox reassures that he will make it to Greer's position so they can pool their resources. Maddoxs transports are then hit by heavy Anti-Air and have to land short of Greer's position. Greer reassures Maddox that he'll be alright, because he's about to launch an attack on one of Rodgers' substations, which is actually a trap. Despite a plea from Analog, Greer assaults the substation and is caught in the trap, resulting in a nuclear explosion taking out half of Greers army. Maddox then descends on the panicked Greer's position and pleads with him to help defeat Rodgers. Greer rejects Maddox's proposal and states that he'll 'go his separate way'. Greer is then ambushed by Rodgers transport and is defeated with a big nuclear explosion. With Greer's death, Maddox cynically asks Analog, 'what's the plan?'. Analog informs Maddox that just ahead from him there is a Generation IX reactor that is 'pumping out way more energy than is needed for the base itself and will go nuclear it if blows'. He continues to inform him that the reactor core is protected by three substations creating a shield and that if he drops it, it will expose the core. Maddox then sets out, and after a long, rough battle manages to expose the Reactor Core and proceeds to blow it up. Maddox then states he will give Rodgers one last chance to surrender, only to be feed a speech stating that, 'people like you (Maddox) rot the soul of our great faction.' Maddox replies with the line, 'speeches will get you no-where sir'. Two Fatboy IIs then blast the reactor core and send it nuclear. Maddox's transport gets caught in the explosion, but he is alright. Maddox receives a transmission from his wife, Annika, saying that she's unharmed. Maddox replies saying that he'll come home, but then sees the Generation IX reactor was powering some sort of powerful stealth field protecting something. He then tells Annika that, 'he might be a little late'.

Illuminate CampaignEdit

Delta ForceEdit

Jaran Kael informs his sister, Thalia Kael, that they have been given solid intelligence of a Cybran navy weapon delivery passing through the Markon Delta. They are ordered to send it to the bottom of the ocean for giving the impression at the rest of the Coalition government that this has been an act of war by the Illuminate government. He also states that he has no idea how they're going to do it. Thalia spots a group of abandoned battleships and blasted them into a chokepoint in the Delta, forming an effective blockade. Thalia then captures some anti-air turrets and point defenses that are scattered all over the Delta as the Cybran Navy approaches. Thalia builds her own forces, and with the aid of the captured anti-air towers and point defenses, successfully sinks the Cybran armada along with a Soul Ripper II.

Lethal WeaponsEdit

  • Thalia and Jaran receive orders from The Royal Guardians to investigate the abandoned Sinorak Rift Reserve Station, which houses many of the Illuminate's top-secret experimental weaponry development research. They have also been told to clear out any defenses there, so the Guardians can send in a separate ground team to recover any valuable data.

As Thalia lands at the Reserve station and clears out the landing zone, Jaran attempts to hack into the security system. He tells Thalia that he has detected some offline factories and defenses, as well as offline units. Unfortunately, Jaran trips an alarm; and the factories, defenses and units of the base come online. He also detects a prototype for an Experimental Assault Block, which he does not have any solid intel on. However, with Thalia's masterful commanding strategies, they overcome the defenses and destroy the factories. However, Jaran detects something: a prototype experimental, Colossus class, emerges from the ashes of the bases and cuts through Thalia's armies. She manages to defeat the Colossus, and proves the mission a success. Thalia and Jaran then leave the Reserve Station with information on the prototype experimentals, and await further orders from the Guardians.

Back on the Chain GangEdit

Thalia and Jaran are sent to the Mersenne Island Prison on Orionis II to break out some captured Royal Guardian officials. Thalia lands in a 'red-hot LZ' but manages to blast her way past the defenses. She also captures a Security Station so Jaran can tap into it and provide Thalia some intel. Jaran discovers the only way to get them out, is for Thalia to be INSIDE the prison and to capture the Containment facility. Unfortunately, it is guarded by AC-1000 Terror Experimental Gunships. Jaran also informs Thalia about the two Air-bases outside the prison that are, 'pumping out air-patrols'. As Thalia deals with the air-bases, Jaran tries to work on a way around the AC-1000s. Thalia soon discovers that the AC-1000s are sent to investigate the air-bases she successfully discovers, buying her the opportunity to get inside the prison. She destroys the 2 Control Centers and marches in with her armies and successfully captures the Containment Facility. With the Guardians freed, Thalia and Jaran leave Orionis II to await further orders by the Royal Guardians. (P.S. or you can destroy everything including the base behind the initial drop off and destroy every AC-1000s and be a boss.)


Thalia and Jaran are given solid intel of a UEF attack on the Conti Geothermal Complex, which powers the whole of Sirius IV. The Royal Guardians believe that this complex is only the start of a large-scale invasion of the planet. Thalia and Jaran soon land on the planet, and while Thalia gets a base up an running, Jaran provides her intel about the UEF attack force. Jaran informs Thalia that a much larger force is at the complex then what the Guardians information stated. He reports that two commanders are present at the complex, the UEF's Mosley and Kita, who have both assembled a very large Air force and an enormous Land force. Shortly after Thalia begins to engage the UEF, Commander Gauge lands at the complex, stating that he was sent by the Royal Guardians to aid Thalia in the engagement of this attack force. As Gauge and Thalia continue to engage the UEF, Jaran picks up a large experimental cannon in each UEF base, which is later revealed to be the Noah Unit Cannon. After a grueling battle with the UEF, Thalia and Gauge emerge victorious. After Thalia states, 'that was for New Cathedral', Gauge questions this war-cry and informs Thalia that a UEF commander successfully defended that colony. Thalia then asks Gauge who the commander might be, with Gauge replying 'a Dominic Maddox'. Gauge states that he now must leave to Shiva Prime. When Thalia questions Gauge, 'what is Shiva Prime?', Gauge replies enthusiastically, 'IT'S A SECRET!'. As Gauge leaves the complex, Thalia confesses that she feels a 'bad feeling' about working with Gauge. Jaran reassures her that Princess Rhianne Burke made alliances with Dr. Brackman during the Infinite War, and sees no exception.

Cliff DivingEdit

Thalia and Jaran receive very little intel about this operation. All they know is that they are going to the Corvana Outpost, near the newly completed Illuminate Senate Building. Shortly after their arrival, they get hailed by Commander Gauge, pleased with their assistance. Gauge informs them that they have aided his destruction of the Illuminate Senate Building, which is actually the Coalition Center of Quantum Science and Technology. Gauge also informs Thalia that he has successfully captured an Illuminate Space Temple, but hasn't captured the teleporter's exit yet, which he is leaving for them. He advises Thalia to construct a sizable Land force, because he already has control of the skies (But he really doesn't when you play because his air force sucks and gets eaten like pudding every time). After Gauge's new intel, Thalia immediately gets to work. She soon captures the exit portal, and starts sending in her 'sizable land force'. With Gauge's air superiority, Thalia's forces successfully destroy the Coalition Center for Quantum Science and Technology. Gauge leaves with the remark that he has finally acquired 'the last piece of the Shiva Prime puzzle' and nukes the nearby Illuminate city. Thalia shows her outrage by calling Gauge a 'monster'. Gauge remarks that 'this is monstrous' by launching another 5 nukes at the city. While the nukes blow the city sky-high, Gauge asks Thalia 'who really is the monster?'. He improves his argument stating that Thalia attacked a Cybran fleet on a 'humanitarian' mission, broke Guardian rebels out of prison and aided Gauge in his quest for Shiva Prime. He leaves the Corvana Outpost with the message that Thalia, 'will go down in history as the most successful terrorist in Illuminate history'. Thalia and Jaran then agree to pursue Gauge and stop him before he takes more innocent lives.

Prime TimeEdit

Thalia and Jaran follow Gauge to the north of Coaltion Command Center and find Dominic Maddox in a feud with Commanders Haen, Hazelton and Teller. The feud is ended by Gauge firing a nuke at the other three commanders, which they just escape from. This so-called 'act of war' now has sparked the other three commanders to engage Thalia and Maddox. After a long and ravaging battle, Thalia and Maddox finally manage to defeat the other 3 commanders. Maddox then meets with Thalia and explains what happened. He says that it was previously protected by a stealth field, but was knocked out after he 'accidentally destroyed its power source'. Seizing the chance to prevail, Gauge launches a nuke at Maddox's forward base, with Maddox and Thalia just hunkering in time to shield the blast. A transport then drops of Gauge at the portal, and after bidding them both farewell, enters the portal to Shiva. Thalia aggressively argues to pursue Gauge, but Maddox then informs her that they need to protect the portal from the other Royal Guardians. Thalia cries out to her brother, and after a hesitant pause, Jaran coughs and agrees with Maddox.

Cybran CampaignEdit

Fact FinderEdit

Dr. Brackman orders Ivan, his son, to protect his ultra-secret experimental research facility, the Proto-Brain Complex. It is processing data of an ancient artifact on Seraphim VII. Soon Gauge appears with his forces, to assault the Proto-Brain Complex. After a brief explanation of who Commander Gauge is for Ivan, Dr. Brackman continues to order Ivan to defend the Proto-Brain. Soon after a rigorous attack on the Proto-Brain, it finally finishes its download of the artifact. Dr. Brackman then orders Ivan to exit through the teleporter, down from the Proto-Brain as he prepares to detonate it, so Gauge can't retrieve any data from it, Ivan argues that he should 'stay and fight', because he has, 'ample mass deposits'. Dr. Brackman finally persuades Ivan to enter the teleporter. When Ivan ungratefully obliges, he asks Dr. Brackman, 'what's next?'. Dr. Brackmans with the distress call they receive from Dr. Snyders Research Facility on New Terra. He then reports it'll take 'a few jumps to get there'. If you do not leave via the quantum gate, multiple soul rippers will attack you and rip Ivan apart unless you hace extensive defenses built.

The Trouble with TechnologyEdit

Ivan lands at the planet known as the Gate World. Dr. Brackman comments curiously about a very large, abandoned research facility built there, and that his colleague, that went with him to this planet some decades ago, was only instructed to build a small base. Dr. Brackman then notices a 'colony' of rogue engineers and a Data Center with an extremely large Server Core. Dr. Brackman then orders Ivan to capture this Server Core for study. After futile arguing, Ivan soon obliges and starts up a base. Ivan then discovers that the Engineers are building, 'an excessive amount of defensive towers'. As an Engineer approaches Ivans base, rather than attack, it's starts to capture Ivans units. Dr. Brackman replies with that being a very strange function for an Engineer, and is not part of Cybran regulations. Ivan then soon battles his way through the facility and finally succeeds in retrieving the data from the server core. Dr. Brackman, pleased, remarks that he has, 'nothing he'd rather do other the next 67 hours', than access this data. Ivan then proceeds through a teleporter to Dr. Snyders facility.

The Great Leap ForwardEdit

Ivan lands a plateau just outside Dr. Snyders Facility, to see her facility being under siege by Illuminate. Dr. Snyder informs Ivan that the they are after her files of Shiva Prime. Ivan then launches his forces in and successfully drives away the Illuminates armies. When Ivan asks Dr. Snyder why the Illuminate are attacking her facility, she replies saying that these are the Royal Guardians, a group of renegade Illuminate, following the path of former Princess Rhianne Burke. After this explanation, Dr. Snyder informs Ivan that they have successfully downloaded her files of Shiva Prime. Ivan persists that he needs to get those files before they can be transmitted to Guardian leadership. After a long and grueling battle, Ivan successfully defeats the Illuminate commander. Dr. Snyder leaves with the note that the commander probably successfully transmitted the data. As she leaves a dinosaur-like creature appears from one of Dr. Snyders research buildings, and appears to crush another building by simply walking over it. Dr. Brackman remarks stating that Dr. Snyder was housing some sort of, 'indigenous life-form'. He then orders Ivan to collect some of the dinosaurs DNA for study, which required for the creature to be "subdued" first (That thing is one tough vicious fire breathing cookie)(Who ever wrote that also has to say it looked like a four legged Godzilla.) Ivan then persists that he needs to get to Shiva Prime to stop whatever the Royal Guardians are planning to do with it. Dr. Brackman agrees and tells Ivan to make his way to the north of the Coalition Commander Center on Altair II.


Ivan arrives at the gate to see that it, 'seems occupied'. Dr. Brackman reports to Ivan that there are 5 commanders in the area, two of which are Ivan's 'former classmate's, a Dominic Maddox, and a Thalia Kael'. Ivan hails Maddox and Thaila, which is responded with a friendly welcoming, 'why isn't it my old room-mate? Who invited you to this party?'. They both further report that the Royal Guardians have sent 3 of their commanders, that were broken out of the Mersenne Island Prison, to enter the gate to Shiva Prime. Maddox then adds, that the commander closest to Ivan, 'The ugly one' as Thalia happily put it, is isolated from his fellow Guardians. He suggests to Ivan that he's a 'prime target'. Ivan quickly goes to work. After a long and mighty battle, with all sides suffering heavy losses, Ivan successfully defends Thalia and Maddox and eliminates the 3 Royal Guardians. Ivan, Maddox and Thalia meet at the portal to discuss what to do next. Maddox confesses his elimination of Colnel Rodgers and the UEF commanders, to which Ivan replies with the reasoning his father did about, 'Rodgers over-stepping his authority', but remarks about how Thalia's, 'situation is more complicated'. Thalia simply responds that she knows she will have to pay for her crimes, but will continue with righteous persistence. Thalia then demands that she strongly wants to confront Gauge, but Ivan reminds them that both Maddox and her need to stay and protect the portal from the other Royal Guardians. Ivan then goes through the Quantum Gate, towards the docking station of Shiva Prime at Seraphim VII.

Surface TensionEdit

Ivan passes to Seraphim VII, on the other side of the Quantum Gate, to find Gauge has launched the planetary ecosynthesizer, Shiva Prime, into it's upper atmosphere. A Royal Guardian commander has teleported down from Shiva, waiting for the other Guardians to pass through the Quantum Gate. After Ivan asks Commander Stockwell to stand down, she replies saying that she is waiting for 'the other Guardians to get here'. When Ivan remarks, 'they aren't coming', she replies with the fact that she will not let Ivan pass. So the battle for the entrance to Shiva Prime begins, and yet quickly ends. Ivan's superior commandeering skills over-power Stockwells feeble attempt at stopping Ivan and she is quickly defeated by Ivan. Ivan then proceeds up the teleporter to Shiva Prime.

The Final CountdownEdit

Ivan beams onto Shiva Prime to be greeted by a strangely enthusiastic Commander Gauge. He explains that he has finished another one of his "productive little meetings" with his Guardian friends. He also explains that he has learned a great deal more about Shiva Prime, as he teleports Shiva to the atmosphere of Altair II. Dr. Brackman remarks that Altair II is in no need of ecosynthesizing and that Gauge is probably trying to destroy the planet. Ivan, then, heroically exclaims that he needs to stop Gauge before he can destroy the planet, to which Dr. Brackman replies with a "this will not be easy", as Gauge has somehow produced an extremely powerful Quantum shield, protecting key parts of his base. Dr. Brackman also reports that the shield is powered by 4 power coils. Ivan then figures out that in order to defeat Gauge, he will have to lower the shield by destroying those power coils. Dr. Brackman warns Ivan that such an act would damage Shiva. When Dr. Brackman answers Ivan's question of 'is there another way?' with 'I will need to consult the data...', Ivan begins his assault on the power coils. Despite Dr. Brackman's urges of leaving Shiva alone, Ivan successfully destroys the power coils, thus lowering the shield, and prepares to attack Gauge. Gauge replies, saying that Ivan has 'only made Shiva mad'. Airborne drones are deployed from deposits on Shiva Prime and begin assaulting Ivan's forces. Ivan manages to shrug off the Drones and continue his attack on Gauge. As Ivan is finally about to terminate Gauge, he confesses he 'feels compelled to salvage Gauge's life as a Cybran'. As Gauge detaches his escape-pod, he exclaims: 'this is not over, this is the end of your (Ivan's) story, and only the beginning of a great adventure for me'. Gauge then blasts of, and Ivan remarks his victory. Dr. Brackman then urges Ivan to hand over Shiva Prime to him. Ivan exclaims that Shiva is too important for anyone in the galaxy, and destroys Shiva. Ivan then escapes the incoming blast, in some form of unidentified Cybran spacecraft, and makes his way down to the surface of Altair II.

Storyline EndingEdit

Main article: Storyline Ending

PC System RequirementsEdit

Component Minimum Recommended
OS Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
Processor 2.6 GHz 3.0 GHz Dual Core AMD or better
Memory 1GB RAM (XP) 1.5GB RAM (Vista/Windows 7) 2GB RAM
Video Card 256 MB VRAM DX9 compliant with Pixel Shader 3.0 ATI Radeon™ X1800 or equivalent card with 256 MB VRAM with Pixel Shader 3.0
Sound No accelerated sound hardware required
Hard Drive 4-5 GB, for full install & DirectX
DirectX DirectX 9.0
Internet Connection Cable/Broadband
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