Supreme Commander 2 wasn't neccessarily the most complete game at its release. So several patches have been made for it.


The first Supreme Command 2 patch was released on March 5, 2010.

Patch 1Edit

  • Improved path-finding and performance for larger games
  • Navigation fixes for Cybran Protobrain and UEF experimental Transport
  • Range rings for Illuminate Space Temple
  • Rare Desync fix
  • Improved Eyefinity support
  • Victory message for Players in MP game
  • Game type indicator on in-game scoreboard
  • Dead player indication on in-game scoreboard
  • Passworded games for your friends will now show up in the friends tab (see related known issues below)
  • Setting Exclusions in skirmish lobby will no longer reset player choices (color, team etc)
  • New Multiplayer Leaderboards
  • Also added message to players when they leave the chat on Summary screen and on Skirmish
  • Added [TEAM] tag to the messages that are sent to team only
  • Highlight on top scores in summary screen
  • MP UI polish - Multiple fixes and polish throughout the MP menus
  • Proto Brain vision radius increased to 32. Was 10

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