This page is under construction. It's goal is to explain how to correctly edit the wiki, and established conventions.

Wikipedia Edit

As a general rule, any rule that wikipedia applies, we follow. For example, in all articles, the page name should appear in the first paragraph, in bold (not italic).

Categories Edit

When you are writing a new article, please always try to add at least 1 category to it, even if that category doesn't exist. This will help us make the page a better part of the architecture, rather than some random un-findable page. Some of the general categories you might want to use are Category:Strategy or Category:Game Concepts.

Units Edit

All units have a "Unit Classification" and a "Nickname". For example, the "Rock Head" is a "Tank". In general, the unit should be referred to simply as "Nickname Unit Classification" (AKA "Rock Head Tank"). When referring to the same unit more than once, it is fine to only re-use the Nickname (This is a Rock Head Tank. The Rock Head is very strong.)

Page Architecture Edit

Every unit's primary page is at: "Nickname Unit Classification" (ie. Rock Head Tank).

All pages have two redirects:

  1. The nickname: Rock Head
  2. The unit classification, prefixed by faction: UEF Tank

The goal of these redirects is for added simplicity, and that people not completely sure with the units can write "That UEF Tank, I forget its name", or use the simple nickname as short-hand.

Structures Edit

Since structures don't have proper nicknames, but redundant unit descriptions, the simple structure name is used (Land Factory rather than (Land Factory Land Production Facility)


Each faction has a research game element. For research specific articles, it is important to note certain style attributes.


There is a research infobox template available (Template:researchbox) specifically for displaying the attributes of a research item.

Faction Research BoxesEdit

For each faction, there is a research box which shows similar research available to the faction. If you utilise the Research box noted above, you should add the navbox template for the relevant faction. The research box can be directly included for the relevant faction using the following templates; each line for each respective faction;

     {{UEF research}}
     {{Illuminate research}}
     {{Cybran research}}

Tips sectionEdit

We welcome all contributions on here on the SupCom wiki, and we realize that sometimes, you do not have the time to write entire articles. This is what the "Tips" section is for. Simply dump your tip in the tip section, and you're done.

Ideally though, an article should not have a "Tips" section, and all tips should one day be re-written and merged into the article, to make it stand as a whole, rather than a list of non-related information. If you have the time, you can contribute by re-writting parts of the tips section into the main article namespace.

Remember: Tips are better than no-tips, so don't be shy about adding them, but a well written article is better.

Redirects Edit

While redirects are usually beneficial and help, do not create redirects for improper names. For example, Rock Head is a redirect, but Rockhead is not. This is to make sure users don't use improper names in their articles. If the link is red, it will be promptly fixed. If the link is blue, it will not be fixed.

Displaying changes Edit

When adding information to a unit page that helps players quickly identify the differences between a similar unit from a previous version of the game, please add your changes in a separate section, like this (if you're using the source editor):

==Changes from Previous Versions==

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