Tourney Dome
Tourney Dome

Obtained through the purchase of the Infinite War Battle pack.

Eight men enter, one man leaves.

Tourney Dome is a medium-large size 8 player 4v4/FFA map.  Uniquely, this map also supports 4-team battles very well.  There are 8 small starting platforms (2 per corner) and each is small and essentially identical with only 4 mass extractors on their platform.  The map's platforms gradually descend into the centre.  Seemingly designed with FFA in mind, the map naturally guides players into 3 rounds of combat.

Round 1Edit

Each player is forced into combat with their immediate neighbour to fight over the platform that connects them and the 6 mass extractors on it.  There is also another platform accessible only by transport/jumpjets/teleport which provides 4 mass extractors and may give an advantage to the player who can claim it.  The first round of combat is extremely closed range and tends to be over fairly quickly.  The winning player claims a whole corner for their base.

Round 2Edit

The next logical target for each player is their opponent/s above or below them so that they can claim the entire left/right side of the map.  If they're lucky, players may find they have won their corner first and they find minimal resistance in claiming the territory joining the two corners. There are 8 mass extractors on the platform linking the corners and a land army player may find it useful to start setting down factories here to reduce travel time, and to prepare for the final round. At this stage of the game, there may be a few minor experimentals in play.

Final RoundEdit

The 5 central mass extractors are not hugely consequential at this point in the game, but the large open space provides plenty of room for setting down larger buildings that start to become necessary at this stage of the game.  If a player is able to control their side and the centre ground before there are only 2 players left, they will find they have a substantial advantage over their opponent in the late-game.  Alternatively, the central platform becomes the battleground for the final round as both players seek to break the stalemate.  Due to the shape of the map, transports become quite useful for bypassing the front-line in order to launch quick strikes at an opponent's base at this stage.

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