Not to be confused with Veterancy, which is a per-unit experience level.

Training is a researched ability, which is common to all factions, and to all unit types. There are five available levels of training, each with increasing cost, but each providing only a bonus dependent on the base statistics of the unit. As a general rule, training provides units of the corresponding type, +10% health and +10% damage, except for the ACU tree, where it provides +25% health and +25% damage and the third training upgrade adds an area of effect damage component to the commander's main attack. In the case of structures, it also reduces build cost and time by 10% in the campaign, or 3% online and in skirmish game modes.

For example, the ACU has a base health of 20,000. Buying the Training 1 research gives the ACU 25% of its base health, so it has 25,000 after that upgrade. After buying the Training 2 upgrade, the ACU would get another 5000 health for a total of 30,000.

Veterancy works the same way as training, by adding a percentage dependent on the unit's base stats. A non-ACU unit with 5 ranks in both Training and Veterancy would have twice the health and damage of the same unit without either, however veterancy also affects regeneration rates.

Level Cost Cumulative cost Effect (ACU)
1 3 3 110% ( 125%)
2 4 7 120% ( 150%)
3 5 12 130% ( AoE damage, 150%)
4 6 18 140% (175%)
5 7 25 150% ( 200%)