UIL0101Illuminate Yenzoo
Illuminate Yenzoo
Illuminate icon land directfire Tank
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Build Costs
Mass32 Energy32 Time32
40 100 19
Experience 150
Shield Rebuild
Shield Radius
1500 (+4/sec)
150 (+1/sec)
10 Time32(+15/sec)
Speed -3.2 to 3.2 (Hover)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 24
Weapon: Tau Cannon
Direct Fire - Projectile
DPS 60
Projectile  Damage
Rate of Fire
1 Projectile/s
Range 20

The Yenzoo Tank is an Illuminate hover direct-fire unit and functions as a general purpose unit with a good balance of firepower and armor.

Off the bat it is equal to the UEF Rock Head in every attribute save a tiny speed advantage and the more important ability to traverse water. However, its upgrades fall behind its contemporary in terms of raw firepower and hitpoints. In spite of this there do exist various strategies exclusive to this unit and other illuminate hovering units which can grant a tactical advantage over the simplistic Rock head and similar units.

In the DLC the Yenzoo receives a torpedo upgrade.


  • On water-based maps, this is an invaluable tool for taking down early enemy ships as the Yenzoo boasts a small target and easily ducks under the Mastadon's and Salem's main weaponry, while also being perfectly safe from torpedo attacks. The second advantage is that the Yenzoo may turn around in the water much more quickly than the more cumbersome ships and thus quickly respond to new orders. Be aggressive and attack early when doing this, as the time it takes to reach the ships can be significant during which time they could be bombarding your base.
  • Use the water to your advantage whenever it is present. It can allow another access to an enemy base (forcing him to divide up his defences to protect his base), and it can also allow a safe retreat area if a land battle is going awry.
  • For those who have played Sup Com FA and the first Sup Com, the Yenzoo works very much like the Aurora. It's fast, cheap, hovers, and has a long range of fire. This makes them more than a match for enemy units early on.
  • The teleport research allows for a great many tactical manoeuvres to be used:
    • In its crudest sense, it functions as a speed upgrade, quickly moving your tanks and other units across the battlefield
    • It allows you to close the gap between you and the powerful point defences, experimentals and other long ranged threats, destroying them more easily and with fewer losses. Alternatively, it can be used to simply jump right past them or around the chokepoint they defend.
    • It can jump through otherwise impassible barriers, often making it difficult for the enemy to pursue you or indeed engage you if you can simply jump to the other side of the blockade.
    • The teleport ability recharges remarkably quickly and can be used to perform feints, diversionary attacks and raids with relative ease.
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